Case-Mate Advertises iPhone 5 Cases with Revealing Photos

Being ahead of the game, accessory manufacturer Case-Mate has been hard at work designing new cases for its upcoming case lineup. More specifically, the company’s iPhone 4S/5 collection. Of course, we do not have any solid details of the design yet, certainly not regarding exact dimensions, but that has not stopped Case-Mate from placing its chips on uncertain information. The origin and validity of such details would have to be questionable at this point, but nonetheless it is certainly possible that a trustworthy source was found to aid in case development.

Case-Mate had accidentally published a page containing iPhone 5 case designs on Thursday, revealing renderings of products and the potential footprint of the device. Adding an air of plausible truth to the likeliness that this is indeed the new look, renderings do line up quite well with prior ramblings and Case-Mate must have done a fair amount of research beforehand.

The design of iPhone 5 is shaping up to be a stark contrast to iPhone 4′s boxy, glass-dominated looks. Renderings show off a thin, iPod touch-esque rounded shape. Another notable observation is how the mute switch is on the device’s left side rather than on the right as it has been.

Every accessory manufacturer wants to be the first in line for a popular new phone’s early buyers; even if risky in terms of specifics, accessory development has to start somewhere early on. Thus this could completely be all guessing on Case-Mate’s part. On the other hand, we are sure Apple would supply some manufacturers with a mold or blueprints early so that customers do not have to wait weeks to purchase what some consider essential. (If so, Case-Mate may have just lost that privilege…)

Preparations have also begun for the imminent iPhone 4S, Case-Mate seemingly unsure which will be released. All signs point to iPhone 4S sharing the same look as its predecessor, in which case nothing would have to be done by accessory manufacturers other than rebranding. If iPhone 5 also makes its way to market (fingers crossed), then check out more Case-Mate cases that could be protecting its new design below.

[via MacRumors]