Beautiful White ‘iPhone 5′ 3D Renderings

Last week, mockups of the supposed black iPhone 5 based on then-recently-leaked components were posted on the Internet receiving praise for their wonderful depiction of the handset. It turns out that the white counterpart to the rendered device similarly has the potential to win over the web thanks to its beauty – check out some mockups down below.

Today, Gizmodo posted a few high-quality mockups of a white ‘iPhone 5′, having received the photos from a reader/designer Martin Hajek.

The reader reportedly rendered these images using hardware parts that were recently leaked as a reference. The photos realistically depict what the reader envisions the next-generation iPhone will boast – a chrome and aluminum unibody have been combined with white accents to give the handset a unique flare unseen among other competitive smartphones (that’s not even the Apple fanboy within me speaking!). The device sports a larger screen than the current iPhone iteration, and multiple other enhancements regarding hardware are evident:


  • the speaker grills have been tweaked
  • a large portion of the back of the iPhone consists of metal while the rest of the device is made of glass
  • the front-facing camera has been moved to above the ear piece
  • new opening between camera flash and lens – second microphone for improved video capture?
  • taller display

Would you buy the next-generation iPhone if it looked like that?