iPhone Alley Weekly Giveaway #11 – Win An appleJuce Complete Cleaning Kit!

As you know, our way of saying thank you while also promoting applications that we love has passed a first of many milestones recently, and this week we’ve got a product to giveaway. Making your screen beautiful while also giving a sweet apple aroma to your iOS device, appleJuce is up for grabs this week ($24.99 value).

appleJuce aims to clean any electronic device by offering environmentally-friendly ingredients and a subtle scent of apples to accompany a bright and polished screen. From our review:

“appleJuce is the perfect solution for ridding your device from bits and pieces of dirt, grit, oil, fingerprints and any other pests that plague your screen over time. Not only can it be used with the iOS devices that it’s seemingly geared mostly towards because of its main concept, but it can also be used with other electronics. If you can tolerate your device smelling of old Granny Smith, then appleJuce will undoubtedly provide content every single time you put it to use.”


As you can see, we absolutely adored appleJuce and its potential. So we’ve teamed up with the manufacturers, MacMedia, Inc to offer you a complete cleaning kit. The kit comes along with the following:

-An 8 oz. bottle of appleJuce meant for use in your home.
-A 2 oz. bottle of the cleaner for portable use in and out of your home.
-Two microfiber cloths which are used to spread the cleaner.

The kit amounts to a total of $24.99, and it can be viewed for additional information here.


In order to enter this giveaway, all you must do is hit that tweet button near the bottom of this post and also follow @ajcleaner on Twitter. It is essential that you either use the standard tweet that clicking the button will bring up or mention us with @iPhoneAlley and #iPAgiveaway in your tweet. Otherwise, your tweet will be disregarded. If you don’t own a Twitter account, you can just comment below stating why you want a Complete Kit of appleJuce. Only one entry per person is allowed, and the giveaway will end this Sunday the 18th at 11:59 PM EST. Make sure that you are following us on Twitter or provide a valid email when commenting below for us to contact you if you have won.

Update: For an additional entry to boost your shot at winning the appleJuice giveaway, enter the Potions¬†gameplay guessing contest. After all, who couldn’t use a real-life cleaning potion?

We will update this post sometime on Monday with the winner – you’ll need to provide a shipping address. Note: if you are not following @ajcleaner on Twitter, you will not qualify to win.

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