XGear Smart Cover Enhancer Review

Apple’s Smart Cover is a conveniently functional, well, cover that only protects the iPad 2′s display. With XGear’s Smart Cover, the company looks to present customers with an option for a case that protects the iPad 2′s back designed to be used in conjunction with the Smart Cover to make your tablet fully covered. It’s like boosting said cover’s IQ since, yeah… me and my metaphors.

Snapping the Smart Cover Enhancer onto the back of the iPad 2 is a snap. (Couldn’t say a metaphor then not add a pun to the next sentence.) There are cut-outs for all controls and ports, along with cut-outs for the speaker and camera of course. However the main draw of the Smart Cover Enhancer is the generously, precisely cut portion for Apple’s cover.

Adding its standard functionality to the tablet, the Smart Cover can be fully used while the iPad 2 is inside of the case. So you get all of the same flipping and standing action along with a peace-of-mind regarding the aluminum chassis.

We were sent the black rubberized variant to review, and it can be said that this is not the best quality material we have seen. There are minuscule bumps across the back, which are noticeable whilst holding the case and slightly annoying. The rubberized texture was not velvety enough in my opinion, as it feels cheap. There is also a clear hard plastic option, which may not have the same caveats as this model.

XGear’s Smart Cover Enhancer is certainly not a bad choice if you are looking for something that will complement your Smart Cover. Though we may have to recommend checking out the XCase (which we also reviewed) by the same company instead.


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