What Feature Does iOS 5 Desperately Need?

With the release of iOS 5 forthcoming in the very near future, there are quite a few revisions and new features users can look forward to. Even with an extensive amount of additions, iOS 5 is still missing crucial features. Our question to you is: what is that number one thing that the new update will be missing that could have added a new layer of functionality to your experience?

Perhaps the most disabilitating omission for myself is the ability to multi-task with apps running side-by-side. As a writer, I like to constantly check facts to ensure I can cover as much of a story as possible and that every detail is correct. Not only that, but I find myself using a thesaurus and dictionary quite frequently to sharpen my knowledge of the English language. Simply put, it is an annoyance to not have such features instantly-accessible to me when attempting to write more than a note on an iOS device.

Sure, I could exit a document (with the risk of something going wrong in its saving) to open Safari, create a new tab, enter a site address, then access info I need on the site. Of course, that takes too much time to do over and over, and breaks up thought flow. As a result, I am considering a netbook or ultraportable to also carry with me so that I can comfortably write wherever I am. Don’t get me wrong though, typing on the iOS keyboard is fine, it is just how the lack of completely versatile multi-tasking hurts the platform’s capabilities.

Maybe it is not up to Apple to fix everything. For example, my issue, if you want to call it that, could be solved by an app developer creating an app suited for all styles of writing and research (huh, should I roll with that idea?). Also, they have to leave something to add in the future.

What glaring hole is in iOS 5′s feature set that you wish would be filled? Let us know your top request in the comments. Heck, if you are part of the minority that would not like any specific additions, we are also interested in hearing about why iOS is totally perfect to you.