We’re going through changes

iphone changes

iPhone Alley is undergoing an update. Many of you have likely already noticed that some things are different, some things are or were temporarily broken, and some things have stayed the same. Typically, we update things offsite and then make them live so that our users never notice any disturbance, however this time we zigged when we should have zagged.

Since we’ve begun, I have received quite a bit of feedback. Some of it has been positive. Some of it has been…well, less than positive. Take this recent gem I received (anonymously of course) via our contact us form:

“Your new site (insert obscenity) sucks, bookmark removed.”

Thanks for the note Mr. Anonymous. You are a valued user and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

iPhoneAlley for quite some time has been powered by several different software platforms including Drupal for managing content in the main section and vbulletin to power the community section. They were integrated together via an application that no longer is supported by its creators, therefore we have been unable to update the individual software applications without breaking the integration altogether.

This has caused problems–mainly security concerns and a lack of the ability to add additional features to improve the functionality for our users. We decided the best solution would be to break the integration and update/upgrade each individual application separately. Well of course this didn’t go over quite as well as planned (it never does) and there was some downtime and other setbacks.

We are still only about 50% through with the software updates and are taking things one step at a time and hope that you understand there are going to be a few more hiccups along the way. I fully believe that once our updates are all complete and you have some time to adjust to the change you will be very satisfied with the results.

Due to the unexpected results we encountered during our initial update we have been forced to abandon our current website design a little earlier than expected. This has resulted in a somewhat “stock” appearance to the forums. Rest assured it will not remain this way forever and that we have someone working on it.

We will be undergoing similar changes within the main area of the site so please bear with us as our homepage undergoes an upgrade and redesign. Keep in mind what you may see in the interim may not be what you want to see but the end result will be both user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Over the next week or so, you may find some things have disappeared, some have moved, and new things may be in their place. We hope that you will give us the benefit of doubt and that you will keep returning to iPhoneAlley to keep tabs on our progress.

Please feel free to send any feedback, both positive or negative to “Aaron at iphone alley dot com”. And hey, don’t be afraid to leave your name and email even if you are cursing us out.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!


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