Video: 25 User Interfaces Changes in iOS 6

During Monday’s WWDC 2012 keynote, Tim Cook and his band of Apple executives teased a lot of new features or the revamped functionality of pre-installed factory applications. While it was truly fantastic to see demonstrations of such new features, Apple really didn’t focus on any of the visual tweaks that will accompany iOS 6, which there are many of.

Besides all of the great new features, iOS 6 has a lot of aesthetic, user-interface changes that have improved the visual aspect of the operating system as a whole. Thus, CultofMac have highlighted some of the new and improved UI changes in iOS 6 in what is a fairly interesting video.

We’ve embedded the clip below:

My favorite is the new Map icon. And one of the changes not highlighted by the video is the fact that the status bar will change color depending on an application’s main colors.