Update: ‘Cut the Rope Experiments’ Releasing Tonight!

We didn’t receive much notice before developer, ZeptoLab dropped the bomb on us: Cut the Rope Experiments, the official sequel to the highly-played, well-received Cut the Rope is coming to an App Store near you tonight!

With an official launching date of August 4th ZeptoLab brings you Cut the Rope Experiments, without the collaborative effort between them and Chillingo. We posted about, what was then, exclusive details, and usually we wouldn’t received more in the upcoming days, but instead the full version is launching tonight (at 11 PM EST for United States account holders) for $0.99.

What’s included in this version?

-Om Nom is at it again, eating like “it’s his job” – the game follows the same gameplay premise with your job being to strategically direct, if you will, candy to Om Nom’s mouth
-New obstacles
-Experiments seems to follow a storyline, with an intrigued professor curious to see what exactly Om Nom is after the creature lands at his doorstep. He’s basically doing the job everyone else has been wanting to do.
-75 new levels; 3 new level packs or environments

"Hmm...interesting..." - the Professor

So it’s basically a more fluffed up version of its predecessor, mainly appealing to older fans or people waiting for new levels. They’ve just, really, taken what would’ve been a content update and made it into a whole new game. Needless to say, it’s something I’ve got on my list to pick up when it hits the stores tonight, and if you’re a fan of the quirky, quick puzzling action that the original Cut the Rope provided, you should definitely look into purchasing it as well.

There’s already a gameplay video courtesy of iundco.de’s YouTube channel. And if you speak German or don’t mind using Google Translate in order to see a review of the game, the aforementioned blog has one.

[Video via iundco.de]