Unofficial Skyrim Map Application on Its Way for iOS

The recently released console game, Skyrim developed and published by Bethesday has a daunting amount of content. It boasts, supposedly, over 300+ hours of gameplay, and though I doubt many people have gotten to that much (…) most people agree it’s got an absolute ton of content.

Though it’s not from Bethesda themselves, Dragon Shout, coming soon to an App Store near you, may be pretty useful. I haven’t played Skyrim myself, and trust me I will and want to soon, but most people that I’ve talked to agree that the game has lots of content – this also means it’s got a large map as well. What Dragon Shout aims to do is provide you with a useful way to use the map more effectively.

Currently, the in-game map integrated into Skyrim is not at all user-intuitive. It doesn’t allow you to place markers where you’d like to come visit again, which is a feature included in other games, and it doesn’t let you place a pinpoint on a destination – oh, and did we mention that it’s large?

Dragon Shout allow you to do the two things mentioned above on your iOS device, while also adding some more depth; you can differentiate your markers to show item locations, quests and other such things. And the developer has got big plans for the application: social features (share locations, chat, etc.).

Dragon Shout should be released within the next few days so long as Bethesda doesn’t file any claims. They shouldn’t really be turned off by the application because it’s going to be released for free, and it may as well save Bethesda some time. Who knows, maybe they can purchase the code for the application? It’s a win-win for the developer and for Bethesda considering the application does have a lot of potential to grow into a handy companion for a popular game.

For more information and updates, you can visit the official website or follow the developer on Twitter.