Top 3 Bible Applications for the iPhone

Today’s Easter Sunday, and while it could easily be considered as a national holiday at a minor level in comparison to say Christmas or Thanksgiving, many head to their local place of worship to celebrate the holiday using the Holy Bible. Though iPhone Alley is in no way endorsing any particular faith, we’re simply meeting the demand of our readers by providing you today with our top 3 Bible applications.

Narrowing down the wide assortment of available Bible applications is difficult in itself. Further ranking those in an order of 1-3 is an even more hectic task, so we are simply leaving the order to you; we’ll give you our top 3 in no particular order, and you can download each and try them out.

Bible (Free)

Offers multiple different versions of the Bible in an irrefutably easily-navigable user interface. Not only are the versions available in different languages, but the application features an easy-to-use plan system that aids in keeping you on track with Bible study as well as a notes section.

Bible+ (Free)

Bible+ makes viewing your collection of Bibles a breeze and also delivers in a way that oozes with Apple’s usual admirable polish. Much like said company’s iBooks application, Bibles are displayed in rows of 3 (for the iPhone version) on a virtual bookshelf. Additional copies and variations can be downloaded from an online marketplace. The only bad thing is that the application doesn’t offer every iteration of the Bible for free while others of competitive breed offer the identical versions at no cost. Regardless, it looks great, which is simply undeniable.

Bible + (Free)

Glo Bible/Bible + isn’t just a Bible reader. Rather, it offers a rich, interactive experience for users. The application’s user-interface looks absolutely terrific in truth, and it makes viewing the different testaments of the Bible an easy task. The application also includes media within its confines including pictures and videos as well as an interactive world atlas.

Disclaimer: again, iPhone Alley is in no way endorsing one religion over another.