This iPhone Product/Video Is 100% Mind-Blowing, Revolutionary, Not an Editing Trick

The video below can speak for itself, and quite well I must say. Honestly, it only needs a short introduction since it is something you will have to see yourself: the video is of a real product for the iPhone that can be purchased by you once we reveal exactly what this is. Keep in mind that no camera editing is used to create the effect and “what you see is what you get.” (We did not record the video ourselves, it was supplied by the creator.) Go hit “play” and prepare to be amazed, as this is where the future is heading one day.

Uh, did you see that? Virtual items displayed on the touchscreen were brought into reality. No, this is not a Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque special effect, though it sure does accomplish bringing the infamous “candy bar sample over TV scene” into the world outside of Oompa-Loompas. It has to be reiterated for the rightfully skeptical that what you just saw is indeed a real product that will accomplish this.

Commenters need not spoil the secret. (For the three people in the world who already know what this is, please do reveal it just yet.)

Of course, watching a video of something that was almost impossible in the past leads to the question: what is it? We will answer that within the next week. Suspense and hype are always fun, right? We seem to think so. Once we do decide to be the first blog to reveal the inconceivable setup to the technology world, look for a full overview and a link to order the “accessory” if so inclined.

Something is telling me to put a “;)” at the end of this. Maybe “;p” is more fitting. Either way, try all you want to take this delicious Wonka chocolate bar (that was unfortunately discontinued, though you should still get the reference):