The iPhone in Japan

Please excuse my uninformed self, but I really had no idea how big Apple was, visually anyways, in Japan before arriving for my one week vacation. First off, the 33 million people in Tokyo are always texting – seriously, as soon as I hopped onto Tokyo’s main public transportation system, I noticed everyone had their phones out furiously clicking away. And the interesting part about it is that everyone either has an iPhone running on Tokyo’s ATT, Softbank Corp. or an abnormally long flip-phone running on Tokyo’s Verizon, NTT Docomo (not completely analogous since Verizon has been offering iPhones, while Docomo does not).

Literally, everyone has one of the two phones above. Only a small minority had anything other than that. Although the iPhone seemed like it was a big thing there, I didn’t see too many advertisements, whereas Android had ads almost everywhere, each sporting the same people and line: on trains, in train stations, on buildings. The few iPhone advertisements I did manage to get a glimpse of on the various screens hung all over Tokyo’s lit-up cities were interesting to see, though many did seem to lack the official Apple touch, if you know what I mean. Stores advertising for the iPhone had different looking ads, while the few Apple ads did look official.

So, any of our Japanese readers agree with the above? Maybe you guys have more solid evidence than I do. Comment below – I’m really interested to see how many of Apple’s fanboys reside in Japan and how well the iPhone fits into the unique trends and lifestyle of the Japanese.

Oh yeah, those of you people that own Android devices or Blackberries and actively defend them against the iPhone: 33 million people can’t be wrong!

Disclaimer: Everything written above is solely based on short-term, visual experience rather than on any solid figures. Information is all opinion and could very well be untrue when actual data is examined.

A few more pictures:

Apple store in Ginza (district of Tokyo, look at right side of picture)

A non-Apple store seller

Apple store in Ginza (district of Tokyo)