Security Metal Scanners Need Updated, More Convenient Rules for Phones

Until this point, I had always thought that the iPhone would set off metal security scanners. Because of that, in the past for the few times I had to go through those annoying scanners that are useful .00001% of the time but important I would simply put my iPhone in the tray (encased in a full sleeve or at least a hard case) and walk through. Though being curious and untrusting of the tray aspect, I couldn’t help but wonder if iPhone 4 sets off the alarm at those security checks. And the short answer from my experience is: no.

To be veracious, I do have to mention that fortunately I do not have to pass through many security checks. Actually, today was the first time I had the uh opportunity to bring an iPhone through a scanner. To my surprise, I walked through without any issue.

With the iPhone 4 being a glass and metal construction, it seems like it should have set off the alarm in comparison to other phones since it is not recommended to have any kind of phone on you while passing through. The device’s metal band, a special type of stainless steel really does not have much of a magnetic quality, is not as bad as many other phones covered in plastic with a metal-filled interior. iPhone 4 is deceiving in how it would seem unlikely for it to be able to pass through a metal scanner without any problems, but it does in at least some cases.

I do have to wonder why security checks still strictly recommend we put our phones to the side when it seems like we are past noticeably magnetic phones with the latest era of smartphones since I do find it slightly interesting how annoying security checks can be and how outdated such an important and seemingly high-tech thing is. Of course, if a lot of what we usually carry with us really does not pose any issues in security as we have been led to believe, then the process becomes less of a hassle if we ignore everyday items.

This may come as a surprise to people who have the luxury of dealing with security scanners daily and have been stopping to put their phone away. Sure, every metal scanner is different. It is worth a try to see where does not recognize the iPhone 4, if only for the sake of curiosity.

Yup, it has been a slow news week. Anyway, has your iPhone 4 been an object of security tocsin-enabler or are we past the days where you had to basically remove everything you’re carrying to get through a security check?