New Thursday Releases and Freebies Worth Downloading

As the weekend nears, mine and your reliance on iPhone titles to pull us through the two days are growing. So, I decided to compile a list of all of the new Thursday releases (as Thursday is always the day of the week with the largest releases seeking and deserving attention) and freebies for today, so you can pick and choose which ones peak your interest. Check them out below:

New Releases:

Roboto [$2.99]
With 30 action-packed, ginormous levels, Roboto is the newest action platformer to hit iOS. You’ll play as a seemingly cutesy hoverboard robot, determined to get the girl of his dreams, who has, unfortunately for him, traveled to another galaxy. There has already been praise for the game’s controls, cleverly designed levels and epic boss battles, but what deserves the most attention is the game’s wonderful graphical scheme. I’m trying to get my hands on this game now, so look out for a review of it soon on iPhoneAlley. I’m hoping to see that my expectations are fully satisfied. By the way, $2.99 is an introductory price, so grab it now before it goes up.

Dice Soccer [FREE]
Whether you’re a soccer junkie or not, this new game from LambdaMu Games is worth a download thanks to its casual theme and reliance on dice to keep the game flowing. You have to know nada about soccer, otherwise called futbol, to be a pro at Dice Soccer, other than how to tap your screen. You’ll play against a variety of different teams in different leagues, advancing from wins, and you can further purchase players, edit your lineup and more. Considering it’s freemium, IAP is expected but purchasing the various items are not needed to advance in the game. For a fun free game that will surely keep you occupied for some time, check out Dice Soccer – it’s made for the average casual gamer.

Mad Wheels [$0.99]
This is one of the best looking racing games that I’ve ever seen. You’ll race against opponents in a semi-3D, isometric world with hopes of, of course, coming in first place. Rather than focusing on the realism of the racing genre, Mad Wheels takes it to the destructive level; instead of regular cars, you’ll race with vehicles such as tanks blasting away at your opponents. There are three game modes currently included, with one being a multiplayer mode, though keep in mind that it’s only local multiplayer. For a buck, it looks like it’s worth it. Check it out. It’s from our friends Chillingo, so it shouldn’t disappoint.

Hungribles [$1.99]
iOS never fails to impress if you’re looking for physics puzzlers, specifically cutesy ones. The newest to enter the platform’s collection is Hungribles from Futuremark Games Studio. In this, you have to feed the hungribles their favorite food (sound familiar? Om Nom Nom…) with the power of physics. The animations and artwork combined look absolutely stunning, and the game comes loaded with a ton of levels with more promised in future updates. You may be able to find another similar title on the App Store for less, with the assurance of quality, but Hungribles has got to take the cake home for being the cutest. I think it’s worth the plunge. Let us know how you like it in the comments.

Silent Ops [$6.99]
I’m personally not too big a fan of games like this from Gameloft, but I know many of you are, so here we go: Silent Ops is yet another 3D, third-person shooter with a killer storyline and somewhat nicely rendered artwork. You’ll play as a total of 3 characters throughout a 7-level story mode, that looks, anyways, like something taken out of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. I have to admit, though, this new title from Gameloft looks absolutely stunning, visually. I would buy it based solely based on that aspect, but I know it would just sit in the pile of other Gameloft games I’m never motivated to open. But, if you like it, please let us know. We have a minor Gameloft buff on our team (am I embarrassing you Michael?), so he may be interested in knowing how this game plays.

Cordy [FREE/IAP]
I love how many platformers are now being introduced into the App Store, as the lack of them a few years ago was just torturous. In this one, you’ll take control of Cordy in a total of 27 timed levels, with an ultimate goal of bringing back electricity to its home planet. There are various number of puzzles throughout the many levels, and the gorgeous graphics are, simply put, impressive! You’ll get the first four levels for free, with the option to upgrade later to the full version for $1.99. I wouldn’t expect any more levels in updates, though, because the current levels follow a story. But don’t worry, the existing levels have enough to keep you occupied until the next big platformer is releases! And there’s Roboto as well.

Power Cubes [$1.99]
This wasn’t quite released on Thursday, but I felt it deserved a mention, and it’s relatively new. Power Cubes puts you in control of a little blue “guy” with a goal of collecting all of the green cubes in a level, while also methodically and strategically avoiding the various obstacles (lasers, rockets, anything moving). There’s no storyline, which was a bit disappointing because I could see a really unique one being applied to this, but the gameplay is enough fun to make up for the lack. There are a total of 50 levels, with the difficulty constantly escalating from one to the other, and the graphical theme is enough to make you drool (maybe not you, but I’m a total sucker for the amount of polish each sprite boats; excuse the eDrool). For $1.99, I’d recommend this if my life depended on it (too much?), but really, it’s that good.

There are a few more applications that were released today, in fact probably a whole ton more, but I’ll save the rest of your reserve to read this article for the freebies below.


What’s up with robots this week? We have two applications above and now this one? Ah well. This was and still is seriously one of the best dual-stick shooters available for iOS currently. You control a robot in a maze of labyrinth-like levels as you fight against enemy droids and more. The amount of action packed into the game is terrific, so if you’re at all peaked by the game’s name, screenshots, gameplay or anything else, go ahead and download it. As I’ve said previously, there’s no penalty for downloading because it’s free, though there is a limit considering this is probably only free for a limited time.

Spidey Riley
Thanks OpenFeint for making this wonderful action-puzzler free for a day; I, and the rest of us, owe you one big time. Spidey Riley puts you in control of a spider who wants to get somewhere. With simple one-touch mechanics, you have to control the timing of his jumps to get from one place to another. It has some pretty nice visuals, and it’s from the makers of the Fastball series.

To-Fu: The Trials of Chi
This spinoff platformer, much like Super Meat Boy for the Xbox Live Arcade is a beautiful, puzzling platforming game with cleverly crafted levels and challenges for each. You play as To-Fo, the elastic slab of tofu. By dragging and stretching him, you’ll sling him across the many levels in order to reach the end. I’m going to stop descriptive ways to recommend these games, because my fingers are pretty much dead right now, so just get this. Ok?

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. Now please just let us know how you like the games listed above. I just wrote this whole article at one time without break, so I’m going to go ice my fingers. I’ll regretfully do this again next week, but I’m not promising anything.

Leave your impressions below.