iPhone addiction or iPhone necessity?

I’ve been thinking this morning about all the iPhone does and how much I rely on my iPhone daily.

Here’s a typical day with me and my beloved iPhone:

  1. Wake up using the alarm clock app
  2. Check email, Facebook and Twitter
  3. Check the weather
  4. Listen to music while getting ready
  5. Check time while getting ready
  6. Vote for Javier from The Voice before the deadline
  7. Listen to music on the way to work
  8. Text friends while at work
  9. Check my horoscope via the Elle Astrology app
  10. Play the new level on Angry Birds Seasons
  11. Oh, it’s my move on Hanging with Friends now
  12. Add things to my grocery list


It’s not even 11 and I’ve already used my iPhone for 13 things so far.  And I’m sure there are things I’ve forgotten that I’ve done to because I do it out of habit now.  Some joke I’m addicted to my iPhone, but am I addicted or is it now something I use all the time because it’s easier then pulling out my giant laptop all the time?

Before I had an iPhone 3G, I had a Samsung Blackjack and used it all the time too but there were things I just couldn’t do on that phone and had to get on a computer to do.  I bet now if I had an iPad I would use it more than my iPhone for some of these things because the size of the screen.  Until I’m lucky enough to get one, I’ll use my iPhone all day everyday.  If someone took my phone away from me for a day, I’d probably start twitching, not a good thing at all.  But it’s my lifeline, only communication tool I really have, my schedule and appointments are in the calendar, all of my contacts, etc.

I have to charge my phone throughout the day so it will make it through the day.  If I don’t charge it, it’d probably be dead by 2 or 3 every day.

How often a day do you use your iPhone?