iPhone 4S Case Review: Proporta’s Aluminum Lined Leather Case

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be taking comprehensive looks at a multitude of iPhone 4S compatible cases as well as any similar accessories. The first in our extensive lineup, is for Proporta’s Aluminum Lined Leather Case. Compatible with the iPhone 4S and its predecessor alike, the case is a sure contender when it comes down to cases.

Let’s face it: the iPhone is easily one of the most elegant phones out there in the mobile phone market. Simple design, yes, but it also has a modern aesthetic that eye catching, to say the least. To preserve the phone’s beauty, you’re going to need the help of a case unless you’re the Howard Hughes of the mobile phone industry, if you will. Proporta has multiple solutions, though your eyes may land on their Aluminum Lined Leather case for the iPhone 4S, and any hype that it receives it rightly deserved.

Sporting a slick, flip design, the case is lined with leather on the outside as well as in the inside, with the latter also having a mix of a soft cloth-like material. Rather than your normal, back-only cases, the Aluminum Lined Leather Cases pockets your phone inside kudos to its handy interior design while also protecting the screen with an additional layer/flap of protection that folds down, and magnetically snaps shut, over the front of the iPhone.

I really only had two minor gripes with the product: one being that it’s not the most comfortable for gamers such as me, because the additional flap only gets in the way, and two being that any scratches that happen on the exterior of the case are clearly evident. However, it does take some force, and I’d reckon something sharp, to scratch the leather.

Holding the case with your phone inside just feels “right”. Nothing is out of place nor uncomfortable (except for the previously mentioned issue that I, personally, encountered), and it doesn’t seem like it adds too much bulk or weight to the original specifications of the iPhone.

Rather than taking away from the aforementioned elegance of the iPhone, Proporta’s Aluminum Lined Leather Case simply adds to it. While Proporta does give the case some love on their part with the included logos, they’ve been very humble instead of obtrusive with them, which is great considering some other case companies print their logos large intentionally. The finished product is a beautifully crafted case that suits any of the typical iPhone users. While it may not the most heavy-duty case out there on the market, the case certainly does what it needs to and is a great buy for $39.95.