iPad 2′s Glass Found to Be Much Stronger Than Its Predecessor

Have you ever had to lament the shattering of your iOS device’s glass? Well, it seems that Apple is well aware of the extent of people that have accidentally dropped their device and picked it up only to find the glass shattered. Continuing to try to fix one of their current lineup’s durability flaws, the iPad 2′s glass has been tested to be at least twice as strong as its predecessor, which in turn means it is also significantly more durable.

iFixYouri took it upon themselves to record a video of somebody flexing both the iPad and iPad 2 front glass. (They did not test with actual devices, but with the exact glass part found covering the front of each.) The purpose was not for destructive kicks though, this was an effective comparison between the prior glass and the reportedly more durable new glass, which the test reveals to be a very true claim.

The test begins with a 1″ high flexing of the iPad 2′s glass that left it unscathed, making it look easy. The same amount of pressure applied to the first-generation iPad caused shattering within seconds. iFixYouri did not stop once the new glass put the old to shame though, flexing it further from twice as high to no effect. Finally the glass did break after a few valiant attempts to flex it by by hand.

Not only is the glass stronger, but it is also 27% thinner than the glass found on previous models. The flexibility of the glass means that it has better shock absorption, making it more difficult to ruin. Since the iPad 2 is lighter, there is slightly less pressure put on the front as well if it falls face down. Unfortunately though, the glass’s manufacturer Asahi Glass Co. has really felt the impact of Japan’s earthquake, which may make it difficult for Apple to switch exclusively to their glass for all of its touchscreen devices.

Written by Michael DeLisi