iPA Giveaway: Celebrate the Relaunch Countdown by Winning an iPad mini!

Here at iPhone Alley, we sympathize with what you have to put up with during the holidays. Whether it be a stressful dinner that should be a touch more warming or the sting of realizing the truth about Santa, we get it. We understand what you are going through so much so that we have to profusely apologize… that the re-launch is still being mulled over and perfected! How would an iPad mini giveaway ease the pain?

Along with our sponsors and friends at iPhone/tech insurer Worth Ave Group, we are soothing your holidays with the chance of winning an iPad mini! Entering is even less stressful than wrapping a present… just take a picture (points for creativity) of your Christmas wish list, upload said image to Worth Ave’s Facebookpage¬†(make sure you like the page as well)¬†along with tags for five friends. Simple as pie.

Comment with your name in the comments below for additional exposure and a greater chance to win an iPad mini!

Keep in mind that this is a quick contest, as entries have to be in by midnight CST on December 16; a winner will be chosen on December 17.

What are we celebrating? Not only Christmas, but we are also ready to get our community hyped up about a radically new re-launch. It will encompass all of the great iOS sites you may already visit daily and meld their virtues along with iPhone Alley’s signature opinionated, yet entertainingly humorous style. If we stay on schedule, enthusiastically look out for iPhone Alley’s re-launch preview beta on December 18!

[spoiler]As iPhone Alley makes its transition to a substantially brand new format that aims to cover the entire spectrum of the iOS universe, complete with a vastly unique resurfacing and an expanded team, we will go into overdrive on news in a slightly-more condensed style with just as much exclusively-iPA comedic zing, up until the official relaunch. Note that the format of iPA B(Breakdown) articles have no bearing on the immensely distinct iPhone Alley Spectrum redesign.[/spoiler]