How You Can Help Japan

A year and two months ago, a disastrous earthquake struck Haiti, an island country in the Caribbean. To help the people who were struck by this, a coalition of developers came together and donated all of their funds from their apps for a certain time period to the cause. Just a few days ago, Japan was also hit by the same along with a tsunami. is now back in play.

Developers of all sorts, whether your sales are low or high, every little bit helps. If you want to help contribute to the cause, developers of course, all you have to do is send an email to with the following information:

-Icon 128 x 128 of your app.
-50 character description of your app.
-Your app’s main category.
-The direct iTunes link to your app which we will convert into a link to help track activity.
-Percentage of sales you are willing to donate.
-The timeframe that you are going to commit your app sales as proceeds to the relief effort. (Start Date – End Date)

Last year, the website raised a whopping $32,000 which was then given to the Red Cross. What everyone else can do, developers aside, is buy the apps whose developers are part of the cause. Additionally Apple has posted a new page which lets you securely donate money through your iTunes account, here. Let’s prove that the app store has a heart.