Halfbrick’s New Game, Jetpack Joyride Releases September 1st

Halfbrick, creators of the widely popular Fruit Ninja [$0.99], have been on fire lately. They’ve already released two more games in addition to the successful fruit-killing game and also released ‘Fruit Ninja Kinect’ recently”. Now their fourth game for iOS is ready for release – September 1st to be exact, and the following trailer looks epic, to say the least.

Halfbrick is known for their humorous trailers, previously with the great realistic trailer for Fruit Ninja and more. Their newest trailer for their newest game doesn’t quite have the usual reality incorporated, but it’s uber-epic nonetheless. It’s already got 5,000+ views at the posting time of this articles, which is great considering it was posted on YouTube just today. Check it out if you’ve got the guts to meet Barry Steakfries himself:

Jetpack Joyride is the newest game in Halfbrick’s lineup of casual games. You’ll play as Barry Steakfries, the star of their past two games, and will take control of him and his jetpack-equipped-self as you navigate through an underground environment through a various amount of randomly placed obstacles in randomly generated levels. The endless game will store your furthest distance as your high score, entering them to Game Center’s leaderboards. Along with leaderboards, Game Center boasts achievements and the game itself has tons of content: multiple vehicles, different types of obstacles, an endless mode and a mission mode, a store with upgrades purchasable with coins collected while playing and whole lot more. Originally, the game was set to release awhile ago, but the developers decided to go all out on it and add a ton of new features to make the gameplay a whole lot more interesting, enticing and with incentive to play for hours on end. Plus, they’ve already made it public knowledge that they’ll be supporting their usual allurer in that they’ll be offering multiple content updates.

You can get Jetpack Joyride this

Thursday, September 1st for only $0.99.

What do you think of it? We think it looks great and will have a review of the game soon enough for you. Stay tuned.