Free iOS Applications As of Today

I don’t usually post about freebies, but today, I just felt I had to. With such great titles (in my opinion) available totally free, you can’t miss them. Check them out below:

Boom Boat (Video)
Boom Boat takes Angry Birds to a whole new level: under the sea. The physics-based puzzler puts you in control of a tilt-controlled boat through 60 puzzling levels, each with three objectives, or stars, to complete. Your ultimate task is to blow up leaking oil wells by using different in-game objects to your advantage. It’s a wonderful example of what the app store has to offer, with its aesthetically pleasing artwork and amount of content. Check it out for FREE on the app store – it is free until July 5th.

Super Mega Worm Vs. Santa (Video)
It’s not anywhere close to Christmas, both ahead of us and behind, but the spirit lives on in the app store with Christmas-based applications. Super Mega Worm kills it, literally. In this overly destructive game, you are placed in control of a mega worm belonging to Mother Earth, that must kill Santa and his elves. With traditional controls, a brilliant depiction of the North Pole (I’ve never really been there) with its retro artwork, and 15 levels to play through, it’s totally worth a download, especially for free.

Dogfight 1951 (Video)
Dogfight 1951 is a top-down, 3D dogfighting game with responsive tilt/touch controls. You’ll be flying your plane in tight swoops, flips and more in this game packed with action. The finishing touch, is the great artwork that the game is constructed of. I haven’t played the game quite yet, but the reviews are fantastic. Check it out.

Berzerk Ball (Video)
I’ve previously reviewed this application, and I absolutely loved it. The pleasure of smashing a geek feels great in this hit-as-far-as-you-can game, amplified by the personality conveyed through the graphics, the humorous lines and upgrade shop. It’s one worth downloading whether free or premium, but since it’s free, go get it.

Jump and Fly (Video)
I bought this game for $1.99 solely based on its very-much-enticing artwork that simply caught my eye. It clearly takes its cue from the popular Doodle Jump, with the object being to jump as high as you can by using the randomly placed platforms. The game features multiple powerups (like Doodle Jump’s springs, jetpacks, etc.) and of course the pleasing graphical scheme that I mentioned above as the cause of my purchasing the game.

Call of Atlantis (Video)
As far as match-3s go, Call of Atlantis is one of the better, and there are a ton of them available for iOS. With artwork that simply shines among others in the app store, thanks to its smooth rendering, the puzzling application has you matching three of one item to gain points and move on. It’s got 54 levels packed of puzzling action, so download it before it goes back to its original price of $2.99.

That’s all for now. Download all of those, beat them to the extent possible, and then let me know how you liked them – maybe then I’ll post some more freebies.