Facebook, PopCap and Apple Team Up to Offer You Bejewled for Free

The social giant, one of the best game developing firms and Apple are feeling merry because of the holiday spirit, so they’ve teamed up to offer you yet another free game via Apple’s Facebook program. This time, you’ll be linking gems together in PopCap’s Bejeweled by just following a few steps.

You know that five minutes you’ll be wasting on Facebook today anyways? Well, maybe not “wasting”, but the time that you’ll spend socializing. What if you spent it on something productive, like scoring one of the best puzzle games of all time free? Yeah, you can today because Apple, Facebook and developer PopCap are letting anyone who likes the according page get their hands on their own copy of the revamped Bejewled that was recently released to replace the existing one.

All you have to do is log into your Facebook account and like the page “Free On App Store upon which you’ll receive a promo code, which can be entered to redeem Bejewled completely free.

To enter a promo code:
1) Navigate to the App Store on your iOS device
2) Click on the featured tab that layers the bottom of the screen
3) Scroll all the way down and click on “Redeem”
4) Enter your promo code exactly as it appears
5) If entered correctly, you’ll be prompted to enter your iTunes details

This is the third application that Apple has offered for free, and it seems like it may be a permanent thing for now. We’ll keep you updated when the next application becomes available on Facebook.