Can iPhone 4 Survive a Thousand-Foot Drop? Yup

In one of those stories that some will cast aside as “too good to be true,” a U.S. Air Force Combat Controller watches his iPhone 4 fall out of his pocket and descend downward toward the ground. At the time, the plane was a thousand feet above ground and flying at 150 miles per hour. Of course, anybody would assume that that iPhone was long gone and destroyed as soon as it left the man’s pocket.

Luckily, for both his sake and this story’s sake, one of the Sergeant’s buddies had the Find My iPhone app installed on his phone. The iPhone, which had been air-bound just a short while before, was found by the app and the men set out to retrieve it in a wooded area. Okay, so the iPhone’s network capabilities and GPS seem undamaged – wouldn’t shattered glass be expected upon discovery?

The iPhone 4 was promptly found in full working condition. Not just that, but it was undamaged. Actually, the man could not notice any impact at all; no scratches, not even dirt. The phone was in a Griffin Motif TPU case and had an aftermarket metal back. Both definitely softened the impact, but the glass and construction have to be given credit for this feat as well. More impressively, the front glass had only a thin screen protector installed and is just fine. (The images above are the Sgt.’s iPhone post-fall.)

Surely this story would have been different minus a case or if the iPhone had fallen on something rough like concrete. There have been many tales of a five-foot drop onto concrete leading to unhappy owners with shattered phones. We are glad to hear that the Sergeant got his iPhone back – and in one undamaged piece!

Written by Michael DeLisi

iPhone 4 post-drop

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