Best Cinematic Trailer for an iOS Game

Trailers are one of the best marketing tactics for a game’s overall sales. A developer certainly doesn’t want to put out a trailer that bores the potential buyers, but instead maybe humors them or entices with some cliffhangers and intense gameplay. What makes this trailer, that I’m about to show you, so good is the fact that it has personality and despite it not showing any actual gameplay footage, I’m sure the developer has hooked some people that will buy the game regardless of its genre. Check it out below.

The application being so cleverly and humorously showcased below, is called Pigs in Trees – Pesky Peckers. Even though it seems to be trying to feed off of the birds vs. pigs popularity, it certainly has won me more. And it’s purely ironic how the pigs are living in the trees and the birds are not. But, let me not say anything more — check out the epic, cinematic trailer out for yourself:

Other than the, Fruit Ninja trailer this has got to be one of the best ones I’ve seen in recent time.

There’s an old cliche that says, “All’s well that ends well”, so whatever those pigs have to do to get the pesky birds out of their tree, literally, is fine with me and is what’s going to make the game. We’ve yet to see what the game is exactly about, other than the obvious task imposed on you of getting rid of the birds – it should be pretty good, so, that said, we’ll keep you posted on any future developments. Hey, who knows, maybe this will also turn out to become a short web-cartoon in the near future that features the pig as the main character constantly trying to sabotage the birds and failing just as often…

Oh, and you just have to admire the graphical style the designer has resorted to. Flat-bellied pigs, vibrant colors and bold text that I’m a pure sucker for!

Update: the game launches next Thursday, or Wednesday night really.