Alleyside Daily #2: iPad 3 & iPhone 5, 190-Million iPhones, GTA 3, Xmas

iPhone Alley introduces a brand new way to stay up-to-date on all things happening in the world of iOS. Alleyside Daily is a roundup of news headlines, applications, and products delivered in a unique IM-style, opinionated format. The goal is for one article to provide everything you need to know about iPhone 5GS while also hyping up an amazing new time travel app and an indestructible case, along with everything in between – first. In addition, our seasoned editors’ knowledge adds insight. Interviews, giveaways, and special guests are coming very soon down the line. Keep in mind that the concept is very much still in “beta,” so we’ll need your help shaping Alleyside Daily into the ultimate collection of daily iOS information. (A few weeks, probably even a few days from now: Alleyside Daily will be quite different than the below.)

|News Headlines

Apple Ranked #10 in List of Best Places to Work for Employers - View
Nikhil: So, I’ve always had aspirations to work for Apple someday
Nikhil: Just seems like the ideal place to work
Nikhil: Despite our coincidental positions at this blog, even if I didn’t write for iPA, I’d definitely want to work for Apple
Nikhil: and obviously others do too
Michael: Of course, Apple is in a very good position influentially and money-wise
Michael: So they can “afford” if you will nicer employee treatment
Nikhil: And working for one of the best companies in the world is probably just a novelty to some
Michael: Though one thing is to be said – happier employees = better products so it’s all part of the business plan

190 Million iPhones Predicted to Be Sold in 2012 - View
Nikhil: Wow, that’s an incredible amount certainly surpassing the amount initially predicted
Michael: With 31-36 million iPhones predicted to be sold this quarter, who says people would skip the 4S?
Michael: In fact, it seems to be selling well to upgraders and iPhone virgins alike
Nikhil: For comparison, AT&T activated over 1 million iPhone 4S handsets in a total of four days
Nikhil: So 200x that, although that was just in a period of 4 days
Michael: According to the rest of the tablet industry, 15 million more iPads could be sold if they were $100 cheaper, a total of 90 million iPads are predicted to sell at that rate

iPhone 5 Ranks as 6th Most Growing Search Term in Google’s Annual List - View
Michael: It seemed like people would expect a jump from iPhone 4 to 5, makes more sense than adding an S
Nikhil: Insane considering that the iPhone 5 isn’t even releases or even announced yet and so many people already want it
Michael: Though expectations just led iPhone 4S to be a bit of a disappointment
Nikhil: Yup, in fact remember that news published some time ago that said Apple would’ve released the iPhone 5 this October
Nikhil: but something held them back, so they quickly put together the S
Michael: So when the summer passed without a new iPhone, interest increase exponentially
Nikhil: Another marketing tactic or just pure chance?
Michael: I honestly don’t think 4S was a quick distraction
Nikhil: Well, when I say quick I don’t mean it was constructed in a period of a few days but rather 2-3 months
Michael: Apple couldn’t release another major iPhone revamp so soon after iPhone 4
Nikhil: If, of course, that news was true
Michael: It seems like we’re following a cycle of small upgrade – major upgrade and so on
Nikhil: Especially with the CDMA (Verizon) version releasing just a few months before
Nikhil: It sure seems so, Apple have concreted that cycle in place
Michael: Also on the list are Steve Jobs at #9 and “iPad2″ at #10
Michael: Rebecca Black ends up at #1. Hey, there’s a lot of Fridays in the year.

iTunes Match Available Internationally
Michael: Now, iTunes Match is not just limited to the U.S.
Nikhil: It’s actually a great service if you haven’t purchased songs through iTunes and want accompanying info to autofill for your library
Michael: Users in the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Canada can reportedly also begin upgrading their music collection to cloud for the yearly fee
Michael: Plus, it upgrades song quality and syncs your library across multiple devices
Nikhil: Hence the fee

iPad 3 Ribbon Cable Pictures Leaked - View
Nikhil: For users awaiting the release of the next-generation iPad, they’re in luck
Michael: Nothing to get excited about
Nikhil: More concrete evidence of the device’s existense has been revealed, though
Nikhil: I’d be excited if I was wanting an iPad 3
Michael: It just means that iPad 3 will be coming soon as expected
Michael: Mic Flex Cable Ribbon, yay!!
Nikhil: Retina display is something that its predecessor lacked. I don’t currently own an iPad, but do you notice the difference?
Michael: Absolutely, the iPad 3′s display will look stunning with a Retina Display
Michael: Same as the jump from the non-Retina to Retina Display iPhone 4


Grand Theft Auto 3 - View in iTunes
Nikhil: Released last night for iOS, the game marks Rockstar Games’ biggest step into the platform
Nikhil: I haven’t bought it yet, but people definitely claim that it provides a nostalgic experience that in itself is worth paying for
Michael: It further solidifies how the iPhone is very much a console
Nikhil: Apart from the amazing 3D visuals, the game offers the same fun that all fans have loved in previous iterations: car jacking, countless missions and shooting
Nikhil: Yup, OnLive is definitely going to have to compete if games like this keep getting released!
Michael: Yup, the impressive part is that it’s the full game
Michael: All of the cut-scenes, voice acting, and the same graphics engine
Michael: This is a revamped port better than the original
Nikhil: Yeah, and apparently it’s executed brilliantly. Unfortunately, the package is wrapped in a large file size if your device lacks in space
Nikhil: But that’s expected for a game like so
Michael: That will be a limitation of more “full games” coming to iOS though it’s only 700MB – not too bad for a 64GB device
Michael: Remember, folks – go for the biggest flash memory size!
Michael: If you plan on gaming, that is

Sonic CD - View in iTunes
Nikhil: Another classic was released today in the frenzy of App Store releases before the official shutdown
Michael: The story of its release is actually a developer’s fantasy
Michael: So, a guy named Christian Whitehead spends his free time porting the original Sonic to iOS
Nikhil: Go on…
Michael: Upscaled and running at 60 frames per second
Michael: Then his project goes dark
Nikhil: How so?
Michael: And two years later, this is officially released by SEGA
Nikhil: The version he was working on?
Michael: Yup, they worked with him to revamp it for release
Michael: Previously, Sonic was sold on the App Store
Michael: but it was in an emulator wrapper that looked and performed terribly
Nikhil: Yeah, and personally, I thought that the game was too stretched
Nikhil: Yup, not very good press reviews for those versions
Michael: Thus why he created his own version of Sonic CD
Nikhil: But this has gotten awesome rep so far, and continues to climb in the charts
Nikhil: Well, technically, anything released by Sega will climb up the lists, but…you get the point.
Michael: Word is that it works as beautifully as expected
Michael: Grab it for just $1.99

Christmas Updates for Applications
Nikhil: So as Christmas season comes closer, and so does the official shutdown of the App Store in light of the holiday, apps are being revamped to represent the cheery holiday spirit
Michael: Ah yes, Santa hats and snow galore
Nikhil: I’ve got three of my favorites updated and ready to be played, which includes Jetpack Joyride, Super Bit Dash and Ninja Ponk
Nikhil: Not sure if you’ve played any of the three, but they’re great
Michael: What does each put “under the tree” for the holidays?
Nikhil: Anyways, the main characters have been outfitted with all of that Christmas swag and all three’s in-game stores have been updated to include either holiday-themed characters or apparel
Michael: which is your favorite?
Michael: well, favorite update anyway
Nikhil: Hmm, tough decision, but I’ve got to say Ninja Ponk
Nikhil: Other than the fact that the game was already amazing, the game’s store has been updated and the actual gameplay has been tweaked to provide snowy environments, reindeer and santa hats.


Hidden Radio - View
Nikhil: Though it’s not been released yet to the public, this product has seen a lot of success on the popular funding website, Kickstarter
Michael: Well, it does look slick. I’ll give it that
Nikhil: It’s surpassed its original funding goal, but over $200,000, from the already considerably high goal of $125,000
Nikhil: Yup, it does
Nikhil: It’s essentially another speaker to add to the long list that connects to your iOS device via bluetooth
Michael: If they sound good, then there could be potential
Michael: Though there are really not many benefits over a typical AirPlay speaker
Nikhil: By twisting/lifting the top, the sound increases
Nikhil: True, but it’s elegant and these days that’s irrestible
Michael: Still expensive. It’s basically a fancy speaker.
Michael: Only justifiable if it has a quality sound
Nikhil: Obviously, by the whopping amount of money that the product has reached as well as the amount of backers that nears 2,000
Nikhil: Well I’m guessing that it will. The accompanying video surely makes it seem so, but I guess you can’t tell for sure until the reviews start to pout out
Nikhil: If you’re interested in backing, there are 34 days left

Prank Pack - View
Michael: Okay, so this could be a fun way to gift-give for the holidays
Michael: A Prank Pack is basically a box that you can put another gift into
Michael: But the outer Prank Pack box deceives the receiver into thinking they’re getting something ridiculous
Michael: Such as an “iDrive,” which is a box for a fake steering wheel iPad mount
Nikhil: That seems like a good idea. And most things seem fairly cheap
Michael: Well, you’re only buying the box
Michael: There are no products inside.
Michael: $8 isn’t cheap for a box, but the conversations could be priceless
Nikhil: If you’re too late in purchasing one for Christmas, it may be a good idea to bookmark the website for April Fool’s Day!

Michael: Well, all of the mentions of Christmas remind me I’m late in my holiday shopping
Nikhil: Nah, all I do is go out on the night before and buy my family a bunch of presents from the Dollar Store
Nikhil: Just kidding
Michael: That’s the “I barely love you” approach
Michael: But we love you, dear readers
Michael: So check in again tomorrow