A Chance to Win The Octagon Theory for iPhone and iPad

iPhone Alley has teamed up with M&D Entertainment Limited to offer you the chance of winning one of two promo codes for their clever, strategic game dubbed The Octagon Theory ($1.99), one application compatible with both iPhone and iPad (iOS Universal).

Winners: John Horton and George Chaves, @WeebSurger and @HairRuckus, respectively, on Twitter. Since you’re both Twitter users, watch out for a DM soon!

The game is essentially a spinoff of a strategy, RTS-like game. Your job is to place different octagons on a divided board in order to knock your opponent’s octagons off of the playing area. Dependent on the direction of the line stamped on each octagon, the result will be different accordingly. The Octagon Theory eventually amounts to an intense experience with intelligent AI, and the vector-styled artwork amplifies this further. Also, with the additional inclusion of multiple game modes and changes, the game is pretty much completely customizable.

All you have to do in order to winning one of the two remaining codes is simply hit that blue Tweet button that’s lining the bottom of this post. Either that, or retweet this article’s automatic tweet sent out by our official Twitter account @iPhoneAlley.

For anyone who doesn’t have a Twitter, all you have to do is comment down below and provide us with a valid email address. We’ll skewer Twitter and the comment section of this post and will enter each and everyone who entered into a drawing that will pick two random winners.

If you enter by Twitter, make sure you’re following us so that we can successfully DM the code to you. We will pick the winners tomorrow at 12 PM EST (closed) so enter before then!