$8.1 Million iPad 2 Made Out of Gold and a Dinosaur Bone

If you thought that you have already seen the most ridiculous iPad that the world of outrageous indulgence has devised, well general consumers can take a look at what should be next to the definition of “unnecessary” in the dictionary. Anybody with $8.1 million burning a hole through their pocket, actually never mind; this is not what you want to spend it on. If it is, then we won’t judge you for taste since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Smart spending, however…

From the conception of a British mind, luxury designer Stuart Hughes, comes “iPad 2 Gold History Edition.” 12.5 cts of “Flawless” diamond, 53 gems, and a solid 24ct gold make up… just the Apple logo. The remainder of the back is covered in 2,000 grams of solid 24ct gold.

Where the “Gold History Edition” design really excels and reveals its distinction is on the front bezel. Oh, and also where the last two words of its name come from. Not only is it “made from the oldest rock the world has to offer” with the 75 million year-old Canadian stone Ammolite, but also a real 65 million year-old T-Rex’s thigh bone. Of course, the luxury does not stop at the home button. That is made with a 8.5ct flawless diamond inlaid in platinum and surrounded by 12 outer diamonds

Even though it costs 10,000 times more than the standard iPad 2 that consumers typically buy, Apple’s design still manages to hold its own against $8.1 million worth of extra – uh, I am not sure “luxuries” is the right word so let’s go with design elements. In all seriousness, the design is beginning to grow on us a little. Though not enough for us to consider opening our checkbooks to money we don’t and may never have.

You can own one of the two made by visiting Stuart Hughes’ site. Even though you will not actually be purchasing anything, Hughes does have a few items worth a look at that demonstrate his artistic prowess.

One question I have is: will the people who buy these actually use it as their iPad? That would be stupider than dropping $8.1 million dollars on it because if the iPad 2 is dropped, then that $8.1 million will have literally been dropped.

[discovered by Yahoo]