10 Reasons Not to Buy iPad 2

If you have already seen my in-depth list of reasons to buy the iPad, you may be wondering “are there any reasons not to buy an iPad 2?” Sure, there are:

10. The competition is heating up. As more companies are scrambling to catch up with the iPad and stand out, there will be tons of new innovations and options over the next few months. Just sit back and watch.

9. Same iOS. You can run the same version of iOS on your current iPad, so you do not miss a lot in terms of the operating system experience.

8. Longer accessory/case lifetime. Since iPad 2 is a third thinner, many accessories and cases you already have will not work with it, which can be easily overlooked. You would probably be likely to spend extra to buy new toys for an iPad 2, making your wallet even lighter.

7. No Retina Display yet. Rumors are already suggesting that Apple will bring the stunning Retina Display pixel density to the third-generation iPad. There is no doubt that this is a desirable feature, and one that most people will want. Plus, you never know what else could be in the next iPad…

6. There is always next year. In a year, who knows if both iPads will feel outdated. If you are not compelled to buy an iPad 2, just wait to see the new features added next time around.

5. Great deals. You can purchase the old iPad for over 20% off, and many cases and accessories are on sale as well for you to satiate for your desire for shiny things.

4. Extra $. Even if you manage to sell your first iPad, you will still have to shell out a few hundred for a new iPad 2. If these reasons not to purchase the iPad 2 appeal to you, then hey, keep your cash.

3. App compatibility. The majority of new apps will still be compatible with your current iPad for at least another year or two.

2. Far from slow. Face it, despite how fast iPad 2 is, your first-generation iPad can not be called slow.

1. It is not outdated. The reasons above lead to the conclusion to your first iPad is still far from outdated and incapable.

No matter how you slice it, both iPads are ahead of the competition. That could change over the next few months, but if you do not already have an iPad, you certainly could not go wrong with a discounted iPad or iPad 2. Again, make sure to also check out my list of ten reasons to buy the iPad 2 and five reasons to ignore the current competition.

(I think it is worth upgrading to the iPad 2, so I will be.)