External Keyboard or Virtual Keyboard? – Poll & More

Writer Michael DeLisi and I are curious to see how many of our readers actually like the iPhone’s virtual keyboard. I, personally, have heard tons of complaints about the keyboard being “too small”, “too responsive”, or something else of the same nature. Me? I love the virtual keyboard currently on

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AT&T’s $50 iPhone 3GS Outselling Newer Android Phones

After almost two years on AT&T, the carrier recently dropped the iPhone 3GS’s price further from $200 to $100 to its current price of $50. Despite its age, the iPhone 4′s predecessor is still selling at a steady pace thanks to its new price. While buyers are not getting the

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Is your iPhone jailbroken?

Some of my co-workers have a bet going: how many of you have a jailbroken iPhone?  Based on the outcome, someone in the office is getting free lunch.

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