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What Will Put the “S” in the iPhone 5S?

The Japanese blog MacOtakara reported that Foxconn has allegedly started production of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5 successor. Although there won’t by any notable design changes, and there is little to no tooling needed to manufacture the two models on the same production lines, it wouldn’t be Apple

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iPad Mini Getting Retina Display Upgrade; Is it Worth It?

Apple’s iPad mini is making headway with a 400-plus pixel-per-inch (PPI) display for future generations of the iPad, according to Patently Apple. But is the release of the increased-pixel display worth it?

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Does the MacBook Pro Price Cut Signal Something Wrong with Apple? [Opinion]

The day before Valentine’s Day Apple had surprised the blogosphere and consumers by announcing both a processor refresh and price cut for its recently-released Retina MacBook Pros and MacBook Air. Yes, in an unexpected move – just four months after introducing its high-end laptops – Apple chops $200 off the

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Another Day, Another iPhone 5S Rumor: Alleged Photos Appear Online

The saga of the iPhone 5 has been a never-ending one, with rumors about what it’ll look like or feel like.  There have probably even been rumors about what it’ll smell like.  Never ones to turn away a good rumor, however, we must report yet another iPhone 5S rumor: pictures

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Apple Updates Support Article; Jailbreaking Ill-Advised

For some inexplicable reason, some iPhone users seem to be intent on jailbreaking their expensive devices.  Common sense dictates that this isn’t a wise practice, as jailbreaking programs are often developed by, you know, hackers.

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Does a 4.94-inch iPhone Make Sense?

Rumors of a bigger-screen iPhone have been around since the iPhone 4 launched, or maybe earlier. But this year, Digitimes dropped some interesting information into the mix of iPhone rumors: Apple is working on a bigger-screen iPhone, with another Chinese source claiming this will be the “iPhone Math,” or the

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‘Apple Pickers’ Take Juice Out of iPhone Owners

A band of iPhone thieves in Stamford, Connecticut is so skilled, so meticulous, so malicious, that the local police force has dubbed them, cleverly enough, “Apple pickers.”

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Rumors of ‘Budget’ iPhone Won’t Die [Opinion]

There’s no way around it: the iPhone is a high-end product, as are all Apple products.  Perhaps that’s why the notion of a “budget” iPhone is taking the Internet by storm.  Even when Apple’s CEO shut down the idea of such a thing, the rumors persisted.

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Have Pics of New iPhone Components Emerged? [Rumor]

While iPhone users await the release of iOS 6.1, which could come any day now (no, really!), those who care about such things can immerse themselves in the newest gossip: alleged pictures of components for the next iPhone models, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6, if French blog Nowhereelse.fr is

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Could the iPhone 6 Feature a Slide-Out Keyboard? [Rumor]

The iPhone is famous for many things: fast operation, high functionality and an interface that is, quite frankly, to die for. What it’s also famous for is not having a slide-out keyboard. That could change, however, with the introduction of the iPhone 6.

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