Apple Forces Developers to Use More User-Friendly Advertising Identifiers

Apple’s App Review team has started rejecting apps using a technology called “cookie tracking” or “Safari flip-flop,” Techcrunch’s sources report. Cookie tracking is an alternative method mobile app developers are using to collect information about the device’s owner and paint a complete picture of an individual in terms of preferences,

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Smart Watch Technology Won’t Be “Market Ready” for Three Years, Corning Says

Apple is entering the smart watch market. At least, that’s what we thought. According to a report about the Corning Glass Technologies, the bendable Willow Glass that was said to work with the rumored Apple smart watch will take up to at least three years before the technology will be

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Tim Cook Notes Concern Over Apple Stock Price; Is There Room for Growth?

Apple shareholders aren’t the only ones concerned about the company’s recent earnings report. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook expressed his consternation over the tech giant’s stock drop at the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday morning.

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Steve Jobs’ Ad Man Ken Segall Rips Apple Advertising

Noted advertising executive and former Apple ad employee Ken Segall doesn’t normally go out of his way to rip his former company in their current marketing efforts, but when he does, it’s probably best that you take his word. 

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Duracell’s Powermat Charging Case Prototype for iPhone 5

CNET editors spotted a prototype of Duracell Powermat’s upcoming iPhone 5 inductive charging case at Pepcom’s MobileFocus Global in Barcelona, Spain.

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Where Apple Dropped the iPhone 5 Price from $840 to $93

During his visit to China, Tim Cook called the country the second most important market for Apple. The company’s strategy in Asia has been Greater China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, where revenue grew 60% in the holiday quarter to $7.3 billion. These are great numbers, but what about India,

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iOS Takes Back Seat to Android in U.S. Market

Apple’s iOS sales are slipping in the United States, and it doesn’t look good for future investments. According to a market research report by Kantar Worldpanel, Apple was outpaced in smartphone sales by its top competitor Google in the last three months of 2012. Google reeled in 49.4 percent of

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NYPD Forms Dedicated Apple Team to Recoup Stolen iDevices

Turns out the theft rate of Apple iDevices is so high in New York that the NYPD has formed a dedicated Apple team assigned to work with the tech giant to get those stolen iGadgets back, the New York Post reports.

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Apple Antagonist Reveals iPrefs Stock Plan

In a conference call with Apple investors, Greenlight Capital Inc. founder David Einhorn announced his proposal for Apple Inc. to issue preferred stock to its shareholders. Einhorn says the strategy would give more value to investors without touching Apple’s stack of cash. “iPrefs” as Einhorn calls them, would roll out

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Google’s Project Glass Compatible with iPhone

Google’s latest invention, Project Glasses, is one to be swooning over. The Mountain View-based company is upgrading its eyewear with a small computer chip hidden in the lense to bring technology even closer to your senses. And better yet? It will be compatible with your iPhone.

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