The iCade Family Grows Yet Again

At this year's CES 2012, we saw an expansion for the iCade with the introduction of three new spinoffs adding to the lineup. It came completely out of the blue, but today ThinkGeek, the marketers/creators of the initial iCade arcade cabinet, announced yet another member that will soon be a part of the family. Officially say hello to the iCade 8-bitty.


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Apple Highlights the Best Platformers on the App Store

Apple occasionally publishes lists on iTunes highlighting their top picks for select categories, and they've today posted their top platforming games - a genre that I've grown to love especially on iOS. From the older titles including Canabalt, to our 2011 Game of the Year, League of Evil, the list is worth checking out if you're an hardcore fan of various twists on the classic platforming formula as well as the games that pay homage to their past predecessors.


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Kickstarter Funding A Smart Cover-like Product for the iPhone

Whether or not Apple is planning on rolling out a little brother to their Smart Cover accessory currently only available for the iPad 2, entrepreneurs have already seen the light in the clever product. Namely, the TidyTilt which is actively being funded by the large Kickstarter community.


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Clever New Product, Say Hello to the Macro Lens Band from Photojojo

If you’re an avid photographer, and like to explore your hobby using a mobile phone, then you’ve probably received your share of swag and other camera-related trinkets/gadgets from Photojojo. The online website is your one-stop shop for mobile phone camera related gear. More specifically, they sell the Macro Cell Lens

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Straight from Kickstarter: Say Hi to the MobileMount

I think that this product is truly great, and evidently so do atleast 1,220 other people who have backed the MobileMount on Kickstarter. Soon to be available, this spinoff of typical iPhone stands is more than unique.

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For Those Who Are Interested, The Story of My Sleepless Night

Thinking that the iPhone 4S would sell out within a matter of mere minutes, I got everything that could be setup, setup and ready with my Apple account. I woke up at 2:50 AM (EST) this morning and made refresh on Apple’s Store page my best friend. At the promised

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Yup, Another Leak – This Time from Foxconn (Images)

Like I said last night, there is still time for companies to slip and let the cat out of the bag regarding the new iPhone models. Late(er) last night, almost immediately after I posted, pictures of the supposed lower-end iPhone 4 were discovered by Gizmodo’s Brazilian counterpart, – this

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Case-Mate Advertises iPhone 5 Cases with Revealing Photos

Being ahead of the game, accessory manufacturer Case-Mate has been hard at work designing new cases for its upcoming case lineup. More specifically, the company’s iPhone 4S/5 collection. Of course, we do not have any solid details of the design yet, certainly not regarding exact dimensions, but that has not

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Breaking: iPhone 5 Design Officially Revealed

Apple accidentally let iPhone 5 out of the bag a little too early. Or in this case, was not careful enough with the early release of Photo Stream. Instructions for Photo Stream include an icon of an iPhone. However, the icon does not depict any model that has been released.

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Rumor-Accurate iPhone 5 Pictures Depict New Design Cues

We have already seen our fair share of pictures claiming to portray or even be iPhone 5, but this collection just may be the best. While they are only mock-ups, they give off a sense of truth since they are heavily based on strong rumors. To say the least, there

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