iPhone Was Almost Called Something Else

What if the iPhone was named something completely different? What if Apple opted to call its handheld device something a bit more catchy, like Mobi, Telepod — or even iPad? It may appear strange at first, but former advertising creative director Ken Segall told a marketing class at the University

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Apple Forces Developers to Use More User-Friendly Advertising Identifiers

Apple’s App Review team has started rejecting apps using a technology called “cookie tracking” or “Safari flip-flop,” Techcrunch’s sources report. Cookie tracking is an alternative method mobile app developers are using to collect information about the device’s owner and paint a complete picture of an individual in terms of preferences,

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Tim Cook Notes Concern Over Apple Stock Price; Is There Room for Growth?

Apple shareholders aren’t the only ones concerned about the company’s recent earnings report. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook expressed his consternation over the tech giant’s stock drop at the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday morning.

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