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Speedball 2: Evolution App Review – Amiga Classic to Modern iPhone

If you’re an old gamer, you may remember owning an Amiga or even an Atari ST. You may also remember playing a fictional sports game titled, Speedball 2 by the Bitmap Brothers. It turns out that that very exact game, apart from the few tweaks was released on the app

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They’ve Got You Covered – iPad 2 Case Roundup

As you all are probably aware of by now, the iPad 2 was announced at Apple’s press conference on the 2nd. Those of you looking into buying the case this Friday may also be interested in buying a case to accompany your new, and obviously slick, device. Here’s some of

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Car Jack Streets 2 Teaser Trailer Released

When I first got my iPod Touch 2G a little bit over 2 years ago, I remember the wonders of the app store were the two astonishing, Payback and Car Jack Streets. They were so amazing given that the iDevices were still relatively new at that point, and those two

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Firemint Announces New Game, Agent Squeek

Mere moments ago, I received a press email from Firemint (Flight Control/$0.99, Real Racing/$4.99 and Real Racing 2/$6.99) which parted with very few details of their newest game coming to iOS, Agent Squeek. Though few details were given out apart from the actual name, some cute artwork shown on the

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Marble Slalom Review

From the CodeCube Brothers, comes Marble Slalom a fresh takes on the ball-roller classification in which you race through many slalom tracks to achieve the best time. While it’s not as addicting as Tiny Wings, I’ve been in love with it since I got it about a week ago. I

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Verizon iPhone 4 – Antennagate Issues Remain

Despite Apple declaring the rectification of the antennagate issues, causing AT&T users to experience dropped calls, with the release of the new Verizon iPhone 4, Consumer Reports declares otherwise. A recent investigation conducted by their lab engineers shows that the issue still remains: why haven’t many people complained? Verizon’s network

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Chocolate Tycoon App Review – I’ll Have Some Milk Chocolate Along With a lb. of RPG, Please!

Com2uS is a well known developer especially for their wonderful hand in developing RPG games for the iDevice platform. They managed to turn my view around with Queen’s Crown so now RPGs are a favorite. In Chocolate Tycoon, one of their newest additions to their collection of games, you’ll take

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iPad 2 Video Review – The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For!

As a followup to our post about the iPhone 5 we now have found the iPad 2! Forget rumors, forget Apple’s supposed press conference in the summer: there is a video review online already! It corresponds and also proves wrong some of the rumors. Check it out! Ok, if you

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How ‘Find My iPhone’ Helped the Cops Locate a Stolen iPhone

Ed Scanlan was robbed Thursday night. The robbers took his license, $220 in cash, his credit cards, and his iPhone. He recovered all of these stolen items while also helping the cops catch the two parolees who mugged him in the evening. What did he do? He used the iPhone’s

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Apple’s Stock Tanks – Because of Jobs?

350.56 -7.74 (-2.16%). That’s what Apple’s stock page reads over at Google Finance (the close of the market yesterday). If you take a look at Apple’s 1 day or even 5 day stock progression, you’ll see that’s it’s dropped considerably. The significance? This is the period when much speculation has

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