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ROBYN, a Public Relations college student, has an addiction to her iPhone and would kill for an iPad. You can find her sitting in line at the newest iPhone releases, determined to wait as long as it takes. She’s also an avid Netflix, Angry Birds, and white v-neck tee shirt addict.

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Some Laughs for Your Hump Day

It’s hump day everyone, time for some laughs to get you through the middle of the week. Charlie and the Apple Store

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Unlocked iPhone 4 Available on the Apple Website

Yesterday, Apple began selling unlocked iPhone 4s on their online store.  Is this leading the way for iPhones to be available on all US carriers? Unlocked iPhones have been available since last year in Canada, France and the UK but starting yesterday you can buy them in the US.  You

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Apple is Already Being Sued over iCloud

In a developing story surprising yet, not at the same time, Apple is being sued over iCloud.   The complaint was filed on June 9 through the US District Court in Arizona by iCloud Communications.  ICloud Communications, based out of Phoenix, provides voice-over-IP and other cloud computing products and services.

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Astronauts to Take Two iPhones to the Final Frontier

Two iPhone 4s will be lifted off into space on the shuttle Atlantis for the mission tentatively scheduled for launch on July 8. Sadly for the astronauts they won’t be using the iPhones to kill time by playing Angry Birds or FaceTiming with loved ones, but instead will be using

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UK Student Claims Apple Stole His App

An undergraduate student at the University of Birmingham says Apple stole his Wi-Fi Sync App. In an article by The Register, Greg Hughes says he sent Apple an app last May that would allow people to wirelessly sync their iPhones with their iTunes libraries.  But he received a call from

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“Morning-After” App?

Ever had one of those nights when you’re a little too inebriated and you find yourself on Twitter or Facebook way too much?  Now there’s an app to delete your not so smart tweets and photos and comments, “Last Night Never Happened.” Last Night Never Happened is available for iPhone, iPads

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