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ROBYN, a Public Relations college student, has an addiction to her iPhone and would kill for an iPad. You can find her sitting in line at the newest iPhone releases, determined to wait as long as it takes. She’s also an avid Netflix, Angry Birds, and white v-neck tee shirt addict.

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Spotify! Who wants an invite??

Possibly the greatest thing to happen to the iPhone, well, since the iPhone: Spotify. I finally got my Spotify invite last night and couldn’t setup an account and start listening fast enough.  I even had the free iPhone App downloaded before my account was setup. If you haven’t heard about

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iPhoneAlley Logo Design Contest

iPhoneAlley needs a new logo and we want our readers to design it! As of today we will begin taking submissions for what YOU think our logo should be. Be creative! Be bold! Be great! Be unique! On Aug. 9, we will choose three finalists. Then we will post the

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New iPhone Apps- Humor

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, Jimmy Fallon showed off some new iPhone apps and some updates to some of his current apps. My favorite from Part 1 the Axl Rose Relaxation Tape and the Ex-Girlfriend/Boyfriend Stalker.  It’s divided into two parts, here’s the link for Part 2. Take

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Bye Bye Plastic MacBook

Yesterday, Apple said goodbye to one of their own, the white and black MacBook. If you went on the Apple Store site yesterday you would’ve noticed something different on the MacBook page.  The basic MacBook is gone and the new MacBook Air has replaced it. So now if you want

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Does the iPhone 4 screen dim over time?

Maybe I’m just going crazy, maybe others have noticed it.  A couple of my friends just got new iPhone 4s, two got the white one and one got the black one.  I originally got mine last year after waiting in line for 8 hours but the one I have now

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App Store Reaches 15 Billion Downloads

Last week, Apple announced that more than 15 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store by more than 200 million iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users worldwide.  Yes, I said billion, with a B. “In just three years, the revolutionary App Store has grown to become the most

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9 Reasons Not to Buy an iPhone 5

(Humor) Nine reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iPhone 5:

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iPhone addiction or iPhone necessity?

I’ve been thinking this morning about all the iPhone does and how much I rely on my iPhone daily. Here’s a typical day with me and my beloved iPhone: Wake up using the alarm clock app Check email, Facebook and Twitter Check the weather Listen to music while getting ready

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iTunes Festival 2011

Apparently I’m just out of the loop when it comes to this.  The past couple of days when I’ve been getting on iTunes, there’s been a “Countdown to iTunes Festival” (we’re at 8 days now).  Apparently this festival has been going on every year since 2007, but this is the

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Apple’s Back to School Special

This year’s “back to school” special by Apple is for a $100 gift card instead of an iPod Touch like they’ve done in the past. For as long as i can remember, Apple has given away a free iPod nano or Touch when you purchase a MacBook for your student.

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