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ROBYN, a Public Relations college student, has an addiction to her iPhone and would kill for an iPad. You can find her sitting in line at the newest iPhone releases, determined to wait as long as it takes. She’s also an avid Netflix, Angry Birds, and white v-neck tee shirt addict.

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Oct. 4 Keynote Wrap Up

After an almost 2 hour keynote address from Tim Cook and Apple, all of our questions have finally been answered.  Here’s a recap of what Cook had to say today: Cook started off the address by discussing the new stores.  The new store in Shanghai China had 100,000 visitors it’s

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Tomorrow’s the day!

Well after months of waiting and rumors and speculation, tomorrow is finally the day we will find out about a new iPhone. Will there be one phone or will there be two?  Will it be a slight upgrade to the iPhone 4, an iPhone 4S, or will it be a

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iPhone 5 Announcement on Oct. 4?

According to an article from All Things Digital from sources close to the situation, Apple is planning a media day for Tuesday, Oct. 4.  Granted how many times this year have heard different rumors about when they’re going to announce the new phone? This still leaves the question of when will

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Apple suing over trademark infringement, AGAIN!

Leave it to Apple to sue for anything they deem even slightly as trademark infringement.  Now Apple is targeting a Chinese based food company Sichuan Fanggua Food Co., Ltd.   If you ask me the logo looks more like LG’s logo than Apple’s but Apple is claiming their logo uses conceptual

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Thank you Steve Jobs for….

Came across an interesting website today: www.ThankYouSteveJobsFor.com. Was really surprised when I came across this today but it’s an interesting concept.  There isn’t much to the site, just Jobs showing off the white iPhone 4 and a box for you to type what you want to thank Jobs for. After

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Apple taking over Twitter? (humor)

As much as I’m addicted to Twitter and pretty much anything Apple, this article from Scoopertino made me laugh.  I’ll stick with Twitter though. Meet Twapple: CUPERTINO, CA — Out with the Tweets, in with the Twapps. In one of its more surprising moves, today Apple announced it had acquired Twitter.

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Ode to Steve Jobs: an infographic look at the history of Apple and Steve Jobs

Courtesy of Column Five    

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Will Apple still thrive without Steve Jobs?

The minute I got the breaking news notification last night that Steve Jobs was resigning effective immediately, I was shocked and began wondering what was going to happen to Apple now that he’s gone.  Thoughts like “well I guess I better start figuring out the Droid operating system and maybe instead

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Logo Contest Winner!

After a week of very close voting, we have a winner! Design #3 is the winner but second place wasn’t far behind, only 8 votes back.  In the next few weeks we will be redesigning the website to go with the new logo.  Get ready for some great changes to

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College Student App from Amazon Right in Time for Back to School

As a current college student, I’m always interested in what new apps there are for us broke college students.  Today Amazon released a new app geared directly at college students. Students can use this app to buy textbooks, games, movies and anything else on Amazon or place them on a

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