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iPhone 5 Rumors

OK everyone, I’ve found the iPhone 5!  Forget the rumors, I’ve found it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtFa3EFxg9A&feature=player_detailpage Unfortunately, I’m kidding.  The rumor mills never end when it comes to new Apple products and the rumors are running for the new iPhone, as well as the new iPad. So on this Friday, let’s take

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Griffin + Threadless iPhone Case

Need a new iPhone case?  Tired of just basic colors or bumper cases?  Check out the cases from Griffin and Threadless. For those of you who don’t know what Threadless is, it’s user generated t-shirt company where anyone can submit a t-shirt design.  It was founded by Jake Nickell and

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Is your iPhone jailbroken?

Some of my co-workers have a bet going: how many of you have a jailbroken iPhone?  Based on the outcome, someone in the office is getting free lunch.

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iPhone apps save lives

I read a story this morning about a coach in California that saved a player’s life after using an iPhone app. Xavier Jones, a 17-year-old basketball player collapsed during a basketball game in La Verne, Cali.  The head coach, Eric Cooper Sr., just happened to review his CPR skills the

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Another update for the operating system

Apple is releasing an update to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch today.  There aren’t many new things for the iPhone but for iPad users they finally get multitasking. I was reading somewhere earlier about someone who doesn’t want to update their iPad to have the multitasking capabilities.  Why would

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iBooks for the iPhone

Who needs an e-book reader when you have an iPhone? One of my favorite things from the new operating system is iBooks. At first I thought, who would want to read a book on a tiny screen, then I went on a long road trip and forgot to bring a

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Heytell iPhone App Review

Don’t want to make a phone call? Don’t want to type out a text message? Then try Heytell! What is Heytell? Heytell is the new iPhone version of a walkie talkie. It’s not a phone call but it’s not a text message either. It’s a faster, easier way to get

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