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The U.S. Inaugurates its President Today; Watch on the iPhone

Today, U.S. president Barack Obama will be publicly inaugurated as a second-term president, and the world will be watching. Among those watching will be viewers using mobile devices, and the iPhone is no exception.

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Detailed Instructions for Jailbreaking iPhone 5 Emerge, but…

We all know the iPhone 5 is feature-packed and effective, but many users enjoy jailbreaking their device, a process which “unlocks” the phone. Jailbreaking an iPhone can, among other things, enable the user to install apps that aren’t, for whatever reason, available in the App Store.

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Will Opera’s New iPhone Browser be Cool as ‘Ice’?

For most users, the built-in iPhone web browser–Safari–is more than sufficient for one’s needs. There are, however, several other choices. One of those choices is Opera. Fans of the browser will likely be elated to learn that a new version is in the development phase.

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The NRA Becomes Target of Petition Efforts

The National Rifle Association’s members are used to lining targets–living and otherwise–in their guns’ sights, but now the pro-gun association is finding itself the target of petition campaigns that are designed to remove the NRA’s iPhone app from the Apple Store.

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‘Angry Birds Rio’ is the Free App of the Week

“What happens when everyone’s favorite fierce fowl get caged and shipped to Rio? They get very angry!” This news–from the iTunes description of Angry Birds Rio–might make some birds less angry: Apple and Rovio Entertainment have joined forces to make the latter’s wildly successful game free of charge for a

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Amazon Debuts MP3 Store for iPhone, but…

When it comes to music, iPhone fans are not left, if our readers will pardon the pun, to their own devices. iTunes easily syncs purchases with the iPhone and other iDevices that the user owns. But now, it’s not the only choice.

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Facebook Debuts Free Calling Feature for U.S. Users

Facebook is making it easier for users to communicate via voice through its Messenger app.  First, Canadian users got a taste of VOIP over Facebook, and now U.S.-based iPhone users can enjoy the same feature along with their Canadian counterparts.

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Former CEO Believes Cheaper iPhone is Necessary

News of a cheaper iPhone took the Internet by storm last week, and those hoping for a bargain-basement price for one of the finest pieces of machinery known to man saw those dreams dashed, at least for the time being, when Apple executive Phil Schiller clarified that such a thing

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A Whale of an iPhone Case

As with most anything in life, creativity counts when it comes to iPhone cases. We have a whale of a story to tell you now, and it has to do with a whale of an iPhone case.  Literally. The designer behind the project is Seyook Lee, and the case is,

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Decline in iPhone 5 Parts Expected?

Recently, numerous websites–this one included–breathlessly reported that there has been a massive decline in orders for parts for the iPhone 5.  While the reports are absolutely true, it also appears that the decline was planned for and are not cause for alarm, nor are the reports an indication that anything

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