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Cheaper iPhones on the Way? A New Apple Patent May Point to That

“Cheaper iPhones are on the way!” is the shout that many websites whose authors claim to be in the know are raising. But is a less expensive iPhone really on the way? A patent that was recently awarded to Apple may point in that direction.

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iPhone Plans Naming Battle in Brazil

In most parts of the world, the word “iPhone” covers everything about one thing: Apple’s mobile device.  You know…the iPhone. In Brazil, however, things may not be that simple. That’s because Apple may lose naming rights in that country.

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Apple Unable to Continue Ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Apple may have emerged victorious over Samsung when it comes to sales in the fourth quarter of 2012, but Samsung’s lawyers are no doubt celebrating as it has emerged that the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has denied Apple’s request to enforce a ban on sales of

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Apple Cuts Down Samsung’s Tree in 2012 4Q

Strategy Analytics, a market research firm, said in a report released today that Apple is now the largest maker of mobile phones in the United States, defeating Samsung in terms of units shipped. This marks the first time in Apple’s history that this has occurred.

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‘Apple Pickers’ Take Juice Out of iPhone Owners

A band of iPhone thieves in Stamford, Connecticut is so skilled, so meticulous, so malicious, that the local police force has dubbed them, cleverly enough, “Apple pickers.”

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iPhone Proves Lucrative for Japan’s Softbank

The iPhone and Asia have become intertwined lately, with Apple making efforts to expand in China. Now it emerges that the iPhone has become quite lucrative for Japanese phone company Softbank as the company has announced that its third-quarter profits doubled, thanks in no small part to sales of the

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Report: iPhone Users Pay the Most Expensive Cell Phone Bill

The iPhone has a reputation for catering to the financially advantaged, and, generally speaking, a higher-class, more affluent demographic. A report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners seems to support that theory as it has emerged that out of all smartphone users, iPhone users on average pay the most expensive cell

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Rumors of ‘Budget’ iPhone Won’t Die [Opinion]

There’s no way around it: the iPhone is a high-end product, as are all Apple products.  Perhaps that’s why the notion of a “budget” iPhone is taking the Internet by storm.  Even when Apple’s CEO shut down the idea of such a thing, the rumors persisted.

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A Bad Google? UK iPhone Users Sue Search Giant

We’ll bet Google doesn’t like this search result: it’s being sued by disgruntled iPhone users in the United Kingdom. This, after it emerged that the search engine giant allegedly illegally tracked users’ Safari habits in both the United States and the U.K.

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Apple Releases iOS 6.1

Many iPhone fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of iOS 6.1. Today, that wait ended. All across the world, iPhone users were greeted with a message like the one to the left in iTunes, or they received happy news when they checked for a software update on their devices.

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