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Michael, intrigued by the iPhone since its introduction, has yet to lose his interest in Apple’s expanding lineup of iOS devices. In addition to a fascination with technology, he also has a fanaticism of and passion for music and television. He is preparing to major in television production and writing.

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Delayed Again

Our apologies, but our server backend is corrupt from the downtime and server transfers which is making the relaunch very difficult (impossible to have it properly-configured until this is fixed). Nonetheless, we do have ambitious plans for the site if the levels of management can work together to fix this.

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Radically New iPhone Alley Launches with the iPhone 5S, 5C September 20th

We’ve hyped it. Server downtime delayed it. This time though, the stunningly brand new iPhone Alley will launch the same day as the new iPhone lineup on September 20th. While the new iPhone 5S is over fourty times faster and arguably slicker than the original iPhone that we have been

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We Hate Downtime, Too! Where Has iPhone Alley Been?

It gives the team of the site a small dose of anguish to think that we put our fan-base through a month without iPhone Alley. Alas, while the lengthy downtime caused by a mixture of miscommunication and web host issues may have been a slight hamper on our relaunch festivities it takes more than a few issues behind-the-scenes to keep us from continuing our journey to re-establish the site as a key iOS blog.


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Relaunch Teaser: The Innovative New iPhone Alley Coming March 9

While we unfortunately have encontoured technical issues in bringing the radically-revamped new iPhone Alley live, the discrepancy in our plans seems to be more of a blessing than a curse as it allows us more time to make the relaunch even more spectacularly feature-rich. For now, here’s a very brief

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PlayStation 4 App for iOS to Bring New Gaming Experiences to iPhone/iPad

Stop us if you have heard this before: next-generation gaming on iPhone/iPad, courtesy of the newly-unveiled PlayStation 4 and its PlayStation app. Intrigued? iOS could play an integral part in the way that the new wave of games are interacted with if Sony has its way with its second-screen app.

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Obama: Apple to Begin Making Macs in the U.S.

During his State of the Union address, President Obama reaffirmed a point that could impact the way we buy Apple products while simultaneously reinvigorating the American manufacturing industry and launching us into the beginning of the end for U.S. companies’ outsourcing. (At least the President would humbly like to believe

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NFL Central: How-to Watch the Super Bowl Live on Your iPhone/iPad [& More]

Finding yourself stuck away from the TV screen on game-day can be painful for NFL fans, so why put yourself through missing a second of the biggest game of the year when you could be watching the Super Bowl live on your iOS devices? Follow along after the break for our roundup of how-to make the most of an avid football fanatic's big day.


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iOS 6.1 Reviews Users’ Ability to Report Map Issues to Apple

Following the Apple Maps fiasco, the newly-released iOS 6.1 reviews user problems submitted via a new option in the Maps app; likely to counteract the issues showing up embarrassingly on the Internet instead. This comes at a time when Apple Maps still cannot be relied on for consistently-accurate directions and

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Apple’s New $929 iPad: 128GB of Storage on Offer

For those on the brink of filling up their iPad with too many episodes of CSI and 1GB games such as N.O.V.A comes relief from Apple: a new iPad with eight times the default storage capacity that comes in the base 16GB model. It is the new iPad for professionals and overzealous

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First iPad 5 Pictures Depict a Design Borrowed from iPad mini; “Miniaturized” New iPad Design

While we certainly cannot be surprised, images of the back of the next-generation iPad depict a tablet that has slimmed down in all dimensions (new iPad dimensions will certainly be substantially smaller) to become less of a big brother to its miniature counterpart - in fact, if these images are to be believed (we would not cast a shadow of doubt), then what we will henceforth refer to as iPad 5 will also borrow the chamfered design that the mini and iPhone 5 are adorned with.


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