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Mary, a techie girly girl, enjoys watching college football, photography, utilizing every corner of her iPhone and all things Apple. As an avid reader with a degree in English, she has a strong appreciation for the written word.

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Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case for the iPhone 4

The Summer season is in full swing! It’s no secret, the second I leave the iPhone Alley office I’m headed straight to the pool. If I wasn’t so landlocked in Oklahoma, I know that I’d be at the beach or lake instead. But, as long as I’m near some water,

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Is Your iPhone Passcode the Most Popular?

Many iPhone users take advantage of the passcode feature. Maybe you want to help prevent theft. Perhaps you want to keep your information private. Or, you are trying to prevent your children from barging into your iPhone. Nevertheless, if you use a passcode, ask yourself this question: Is my iPhone

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The New Apple Campus

Steve Jobs has dubbed the plans for the new Apple Campus as the “Spaceship”. Earlier this year Apple purchase 150 acres from HP in Cupertino, CA. The main building will house approximately 12,000 employees. The ring shaped headquarters will be an “architectural¬†landmark” says, Jobs. As he describes what the building,

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Apple Regulates iPad and iPhone Giveaways

Google iPad giveaway and you are sure to get tens of thousands of sites giving away Apple devices as a promotion. That will soon end. Apple has put a halt on all third-parties giving away their products. Apple created a document titled “Guidelines for Third Party Promotions” in January says

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Jump Birdy Jump

Calling all fans of Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Doodle Jump. If you love those games, you will love Jump Birdy Jump. This little Birdy is trying to get back home to his lovely lady. He must jump on wires, float and manuever his way back to her while

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Tablet Houses iPhone and other SmartPhones

At the Computex 2011 show Asus showed us the Padfone. The Acer Padfone will house smartphones in a tablet shell. The tablet connects to the smartphone via miniHDMI and USB, of which the USB powers the phone via the tablet’s battery. But, what does the Padfone do for us….the iPhone

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Photojojo – Telephoto iPhone Lens

Photojojo is known for “out of the box” photography products. Their online store is a. maz. ing. Go check it out. One of my friends stumbled upon this telephoto lens for an iPhone on their site and told me about it. I immediately sent them an email and asked to

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iPhone 5 – Predictions (Humor)

1. With new state of the art technology, the iPhone will read your thoughts…no need to tap icons. 2. The new A6 battery will be powered by a phoenix feather and Harry Potter movie sales. 3. The iPhone 5 will be so beautiful that one should not look directly at

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Purchase a Customized Mac from Your iPhone

Yesterday all Apple Retail Stores became more interactive as iPads are now in place to provide questions, answers, pricing and product information to shoppers. Apple is calling this Apple Retail 2.0. However, the retail stores were not the only thing getting an update. The Apple Store App got an update

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Macbook and iPad Decals

Every once in awhile, I come across a product and think, “Why didn’t I think of that!?” I recently saw a decal on the back of someones macbook and I almost lost my mind. How brilliant! They are available for all Mac laptops as well as the iPad. You can

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