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Mary, a techie girly girl, enjoys watching college football, photography, utilizing every corner of her iPhone and all things Apple. As an avid reader with a degree in English, she has a strong appreciation for the written word.

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Steve Jobs – The Scoop on his Resignation

35 years ago Steve Jobs founded Apple out of his garage. Yesterday, he took leave from his position as CEO. But rest easy, Jobs is in no way getting out of Apple completely. He has now become Chairman of the Board. Tim Cook, the obvious choice, will replace Steve as

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iPhone Alley Logo Contest – Voting

Thank you to all who entered our Logo contest! We really appreciate the time and effort all of you who submitted designs gave to us. We can’t wait to see which design you think is best. Our site will be getting a face lift that will feature our new logo,

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Apple Orders 15 Million of the iPhone 5 from Pegatron

Sources say Apple recently placed an order for 15 million next generation iPhones with Pegatron, a Taiwan based manufacturer. Digitimes sources, from upstream component makers, reported few differences between the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. They have already begun supplying parts to Pegatron plants in China. Pegatron who declined to

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I Love You

Don’t we all feel this way about our iPad? I just loooove Modern Family. Where else can you find a show that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and laugh your ass off all in 30 minutes. http://youtu.be/5nVpIH2Au-E

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Happy Birthday, iPhone!

Four years ago today Apple released the first iPhone. Happy Birthday, iPhone! Only 4 years? It seems like we’ve had the iPhone for sooo much longer. It’s amazing how the world can change in only 4 short years. Once the iPhone release was announced, predictions ranged from revolutionary to no

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George Hotz – Hired by Facebook

George Hotz a.k.a. GeoHot, the hacker famous for unlocking the iPhone was recently hired by Facebook. The entrance to the Facebook building in Palo Alto, CA has the words “Hack” in large letters. Which comes as no surprise as, Mark Zuckerberg, himself a hacker, has a fondness for hiring guys

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Two Flashes Are Better Than One – iPhone 5

Digitimes recently wrote that the iPhone 5 may have two LED flashes. One flash? That is SO last year. Apparently two is where it’s at. This is what Digitimes had to say: “Recent market rumors have indicated that Appleā€™s iPhone 5 is likely to come with a dual-LED flash with

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Angry Birds Take Over the World

The Angry Birds are everywhere! Movies, board games, super bowl commercials, lunch boxes, Google Chrome, stuffed animals, t-shirts, and various versions of the original game. Are the Angry Birds taking over the world? Angry Birds fans just got a new update that included not only new levels but also a

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iPhone 5 Coming in August!

The iPhone 5 is coming in August! Our friends over at Boy Genius recently reported that the iPhone 5 may be in our hands sooner than we all thought. They were told by a reliable source that the rumors surrounding an iPhone 4s, an iPhone 4 with better guts, is

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The Mobile Search App Everyone is Talking About – Do@

I have tried several mobile search apps in the past, I usually always end up going back to good ole trusty Google. Creature of habit I suppose, but the Doat/Do@ app is a different animal than I have seen in the past. It works quite differently in that you type

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