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Apple Chinese Supplier Terminated Due to Child Labor

Apple is struggling to resolve the same issues that consistently persist in its supply chain, especially in China: Child labor, forced excessive worker hours and poor safety conditions. Apple’s latest Supplier Responsibility 2013 Report details the company’s findings and underlines the company’s underage labor policy, as it terminated a partnership

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iOS 6.1 to Bring Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Since the launch of the iPhone 5 an iOS 6 jailbreak has been in the works, and as David Wang, a member of the jailbreaking community also known as “Planetbeing” reveals, they covered a lot of ground before the end of the tunnel came into view.

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Court Filing Says Steve Jobs Enforced No-Hire Policy with Palm with the Threat of a Patent Lawsuit

According to a court filing made public on Tuesday, Steve Jobs threatened to sue Palm, citing patent infringement claims, if the the company didn’t agree to refrain from approaching Apple employees for potential jobs.

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Should the Apple Board Replace Tim Cook with Jony Ive? [Opinion]

After eighteen months of running Apple¬†following Steve Jobs’ untimely death, dark clouds have gathered above Tim Cook’s head: Apple is expected to report its first profit drop in a long time. This begs the question: Is Tim Cook a perfect fit for the CEO position, or should the Apple board

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Steve Jobs Burglar Gets Seven-Year Sentence

The burglar who broke into Steve Jobs’ Palo Alto, California home last year in August and stole $60,000 worth of goods received a sentence of seven years behind bars by a Santa Clara Superior Court judge late last week.

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Behind the Scenes of Steve Jobs Acquiring Lala

Aubrey Johnson, a former employee at Color, a company which offers users the ability to share photos and live video on Facebook, according to its Twitter page, has an interesting story about the classy style with which Steve Jobs, then Apple’s CEO, acquires a company. The story goes back to

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Tim Cook to Get Deposition Order in Antitrust Case

US District Judge Lucy Koh has ordered Apple CEO Tim Cook to give a deposition in a lawsuit which alleges that technology companies–including Apple–violated antitrust laws by signing an agreement to refrain from recruiting each other’s employees.

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iPhone 5 Clone Running Android 4.0

Yes, the headline is written correctly: there is a device that looks exactly like Apple’s iPhone 5, runs Android 4.0 and which seems to have the familiar iOS 6 icons iPhone fans are familiar with.

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Is a Cheaper iPhone Featuring Plastic and Metal Chassis Design Due?

Additional reports have surfaced about the next entry-level iPhone’s outer shell, reinforcing earlier reports claiming it could be made of plastic. This time, Digitimes cites anonymous sources in Apple’s supply chain who allege that the lower-cost iPhone chassis supplier will be a US-based electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider. The Taiwanese

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Has the Demand for iPhone 5 Peaked?

Turns out that the demand for iPhone 5 isn’t as high as Apple had expected, at least according to sources cited by The Wall Street Journal. One source said Apple notified its suppliers in December that it will reduce iPhone 5 screen and other component orders by roughly half in

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