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4.2.1 Jailbreak

In November, Apple approved an update to their mobile operating system iOS. Shortly after, the iPhone jailbreaking community hacked it. However, the only hack available was a tethered jailbreak.  Meaning when you reboot your device, you have to tether it to your computer which can be a pain. Now the

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MacWorld 2011

This year MacWorld seemed smaller than last year but I was told it was bigger, perhaps it was because the new location was more spread out than in the past. San Francisco was amazing! The city has such life, this small town girl from Oklahoma almost didn’t know what to

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Review of the Verizon iPhone

The reviews of the Verizon iPhone are pouring out like mad. The big questions have finally arrived. Is the Verizon iPhone faster? Is the reception better? Are there still antenna issues? Should I switch to Verizon? Brian Chen, a writer for Wired who reviewed the Verizon iPhone, says quite simply,

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iPhone 4 Class Action Lawsuit

It seems as if many iPhone 4 users experience the same problem commonly known as “Glassgate”. The term “Glassgate” coined by GDGT’s Ryan Block describes the fragility of the iPhone 4′s front and back glass. It has been no secret that iPhone 4 users have had problems with cracked screens

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Mophie Juice Pack

In continuation of our battery case reviews, our next product is the Mophie Juice Pack. I gotta say, this case is my favorite! Ever since the day it has arrived, it has been on my phone and that is where it will stay. Mophie was at CES and I stopped

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MacWorld 2011 Preview

Last year Apple bowed out of MacWorld and there was a lot of talk about how MacWorld would die without Apple there. However, last years show was a huge success. This year should be no different. Now the purpose of MacWorld is to showcase all the new companies who have

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Egozoo, Fun Cardmaking App

If you are one of the millions that like to send e-cards and do the JibJab sendables, then the Egozoo app should be on your download list. This app has sentiment themed scenes and allows you to record your voice then select music and/or sounds to customize the card. Once

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Projected Download Date for 10 Billionth App

For those of you chomping at the bit to be the winner of Apple’s contest for the 10 billionth app download, you are in luck. Tenbillionapp has created a website to not count the number of apps downloaded, but how much time remains until the winning download will be made.

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iPhone Alley’s Favorite CES 2011 Products

The iPhone Alley team is back from Vegas and finally caught up on sleep. The city of Vegas never sleeps, so neither did we. We had a great time both inside and outside of the convention center and even as a whole we came back with more money than we

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EMVY iPhone 4 Battery Case Review

In the next few weeks, we will be reviewing several iPhone 4 battery cases. The first is the EMVY iPhone 4 Battery Case, which tops our list. This case truly is the thinnest and lightest I’ve seen. The case itself looks and feels like any other hard case on the

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