Where Will the iPhone Take Us?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what can be done with the iPhone. No matter how much I know about the iPhone, I’m always shocked to hear new capabilities that I never knew were possible. Last night as I was laying on the couch catching up on some t.v., I couldn’t find the remote! Argh, we’ve all been there, right? Then, I was thinking man I wish my iPhone had a remote app on it. I never lose my phone. So, I started searching iTunes, (instead of looking for the remote). And, what do you know, there are a few apps out there that let you use your iPhone as a remote. Unfortunately none that I could use, which forced me to find my remote that was smushed between my couch cushions.  But, some of you lucky people can do it. I’m jealous, I won’t lie. If you have Apple TV, Google TV or Samsung Internet TV, then you can download an app to use your iPhone as a remote.

I’m constantly amazed at where the iPhone is taking our society. What will they think of next? What should they think of next?