Wackylands Boss App Review – You can’t touch this!

Playing the good guy is mostly always the case when playing a game on pretty much console. Seldom to games have you as the bad guy making everyone’s life miserable. How often have you played as the alien, the killer, or any other foul creature/character where you are going against the “good” force. Chillingo and FairPlayLabs have made that circumstance real as you play through a ton of action packed, kick-ass levels!

I’ve silently been watching out for Wackylands Boss for awhile now, and when it came out just recently, I was ecstatic. The short gameplay video that I’d seen was enough to get my hopes up high about the game, and trust me, I was not and am not let down!

When you play an action game, or an adventure game, you’re usually the good guy. Playing as the protagonist is always inferred before you play a game. However, in this new title you play as a huge monster out to take out the many kingdoms that are scattered across the land. You’ll travel through a variety of different terrain, and face different enemies that will come in the way.

As soon as you start, you’ll be able to design your monster and name it. This is sort of a “create your avatar” sort of feature giving you instant access you a whole lot of items that can be applied to your monster. These items vary from skins, to weapons, to other accessory add-ons. They’re purchased using an in-game currency of coins that are collected throughout the gameplay. Not only do these items affect your monster’s look, but they also, like the weapons, affect his abilities making him stronger. Though there isn’t too much of a selection in the beginning, as you play, more are unlocked.

Also along the way besides new items, your monster will level up which automatically gives it more powerhouse-techniques to use as you advance. Each time you splatter an enemy, harshly beat them to death, a bar in the top left corner will rise some more. This signifies how much longer it will take before you reach the next level. Next to this bar is a circular gauge that shows your health. It’s pretty much impossible for you to go throughout the level without receiving a hit. Whenever one of the units hits you this gauge will decrease a little bit. To refill your health, periodically helpless princesses will wander onto the screen and you can snatch them up and take a bite out of their head.

You’ll start off going against little kingdoms with not much in them. They’ve got some weak guards, and some annoying archers – so what? Fighting is done with various swipes and touches on the screen which each result in different kinds of attacks. There are all kinds of things to simple blows, an evasive dive, and a pretty hard-inflicting uppercut.

As you advance, the enemies start to get more difficult to defeat. This calls for upgrades and strategy on your part. At the end of each level, there will be this one old wizard dude who always turns a regular unit into another boss as big as you each with their own ability. When you beat these guys, which may take a few attempts, you’ll unlock their skin free of charge to apply to your own monster.

All of the levels have a different theme for the environment. You’ve got towns, forests, snow, and a whole bunch of others each with moving backgrounds and interaction going on all of the time.

Along with the regular gameplay, the game features multiple, unlockable minigames and Game Center integration to make the game that much more interesting.

The game may sound pretty gory to you from the way I’m describing it, but trust me it’s definitely not. The cartoon style artwork and the overall humor of the game together are a great combination with the great, colorful sprites and loads of cow throwing and princess eating. These two factors make the game a whole lot more interesting and appealing – I can’t say how much they add to the fun of the game, but it is really a whole lot!

As for the game, all-in-all it’s a little gem that doesn’t really have any competition considering the fact that there aren’t many of the same kind on the app store. When it comes down to it, Wackylands Boss has got all of the makings of a hit game with its light humor, fun graphics, enticing gameplay, and many options in terms of customization. It sells for only $0.99 which is a totally reasonable price for the amount of potential you get in one app!