Tiny Wings App

I was meandering around the App Store the other day trying to get my virtual shopping fix when I noticed that Tiny Wings was ranked the #1 download…above Angry Birds! What? I hadn’t even heard of this game. So, I figured if it was #1 then it was definitely worth getting.

Basically, having to write this blog is really interfering with my Tiny Wings playing time, so I’m going to have to make this short.

To breakdown the game, you have a cutie little bird. And, it’s got tiny wings, hence the name Tiny Wings. To fly up you do nothing, to fly down you touch the screen. You have to go up and down collecting the pellets before the day is over in the game. As you fulfill different achievements you will upgrade your nest. One of the coolest parts to the game is that everyday when you open the game it will have different graphics. The game is so simple yet completely addicting! And, with only one touch playing, you never have to stop.

Go out and get this app, now. Run! Run!