Readdle Card Scanner Pro Review

Readdle is back with another app perfectly suited for business and professional users. Have you ever lost an important business card? Or were given too many to count in a day containing information about contacts you need to follow up with? If the answer is “yes” to either of those questions then the new Card Scanner Pro app can make your life a little easier and more organized when it comes to the oh-so-important business cards.

In as few taps as it would take to take a picture of a business card, Card Scanner Pro can analyze all/most of the information on the card and assist a user in saving a contact with it. First, a user takes a picture of a typical business card or utilizes one already saved in the camera roll. Next, Card Scanner Pro presents a nice animation to indicate that it is being scanned. Finally, details on the card (such as name, address, phone number, and email) are put in their respective forms in plain text. A full-fledged contact can be created in under a minute then the business card can be disregarded.

Card Scanner Pro does an admirable job of analyzing business cards, but text recognition is about 90% accurate. Even with a perfectly clear photo, I found that many forms were filled out with the correct information but missing letters or containing typos. However it is easy to proofread the work done since tapping on information will show users exactly where Card Scanner Pro found it on the card, zooming in on the picture previously taken and highlighting it.

My biggest criticism would be the inconsistency I have seen; it can take a few tries for a card to be properly read, sometimes it can seem like forms are being filled up with random characters. Basically, the less blurry the image (even if it is totally legible to human eyes), the more accurate the app can be. This does seem like a given, but images have to be crystal-clear in my experience with it. I do have faith that Readdle will work on accuracy. While it is not perfect now, keep in mind that is not bad; in fact, Card Scanner Pro is still a totally useful tool nonetheless.

The inconsistency is much less apparent once users get used to having to have steady hands to get a good, usable picture. Then Card Scanner Pro can impress with its ability to turn even odd fonts into plain text.

A marked improvement over simply putting a picture of every card in the camera roll along with your vacation and pet photos, Card Scanner Pro features a “Card Holder” feature that allows users to store cards in a much more organized fashion. Cards are sorted by name, with both the picture and the analyzed info saved for viewing.

Card Scanner Pro is undoubtedly a great tool to assist with saving the information on and sorting a business card. It can help save valuable time since users only have to make sure to proofread rather than entering everything manually. When a perfectly clear picture is taken, the app really does do a good job at pulling apart data from it and making it a coherent contact. Fully recommended to anybody who deals with a lot of business cards.

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