Qvoid App Review – A Colorful Mass of Cleverly Designed Puzzles

Puzzle fans will be pleased to hear that Gavina Games’ debut game has breached the app store, in the stunning form of Qvoid, an all-around cleverly designed puzzler for both the iPhone and iPad. Taking the simple gameplay idea of popular games currently available on many flash websites, and on iOS, and expanding on it, Qvoid is now available for $1.99 on the app store.

Qvoid places you in control of a white, 3D cube, with your job being to collect and match colors on a board. You’ll have to roll over colored spaces and then strategically roll that face onto the other matching color. As you advance through the great number of levels, they’ll start to get more challenging by adding different elements and more clever level design. Different gameplay elements will come together to ultimately offer you a puzzler that will test your last brain cell. I was going to record a gameplay video showcasing the gameplay, since you’re probably confused right now with that choppy explanation, but Gavina Games has already done me a favor and made a trailer themselves. Check it out:

With over 96 levels split up into 4 different difficulty sections, Qvoid is one of the applications boasting the largest gameplay value I’ve seen to date on the iOS platform. Considering the more difficult levels, and the ones in the beginning if you’re not a puzzle buff like me, will require multiple attempts to complete on par. Yes, on par, as there is a wonderful three-star rating system for each level; you finish with the least amount of moves possible, you get three stars and so on. These stars will unlock each difficulty level progressively, once you reach a specific amount.

Qvoid’s best aspect may very well be its user interface and artwork combined together to form the perfect menu and gameplay system. All of the in-game menus and the gameplay graphics are made with a modern touch and the latter also includes a full variety of crisp, polished colorful sprites as well. GameCenter is also integrated with some pretty difficult achievements and, believe it or not, leaderboards putting you up against other gamers to see who has the most amount of stars. There’s only a certain about of stars you can collect in the end, so I don’t know how much of a purpose the leaderboards serve up till a point, but they’re certainly a nice touch.

Given it launched today, you’re probably not too satisfied that there isn’t some sort of launch sale, but Qvoid is arguably the best puzzle game for iOS. In my opinion, it’s worth every cent of its $1.99 price tag. The verdict? You need to buy it now regardless of if you’re a puzzle fan or not.